Lift Trucks

Lift Trucks


When hard working applications require total material handling solutions, they demand Caterpillar lift trucks. Caterpillar’s full line of products is extensive and includes electrical, diesel, and gas operating trucks. With a dedicated focus on quality, reliability and customer service; Caterpillar lift trucks offer the solutions you’ve come to expect.

Rental Divisions product line is extensive and is designed to meet all your lifting requirements. Our diesel Lift Trucks range in size from 2.5 ton to 16 ton. In addition, we have introduced 3.0 ton gas forklifts for environmentally sensitive applications, as well as 1.6 ton electrical lift trucks. For size-restricted areas, we also offer triple mast; side shift units for special applications, our forklifts can be equipped with various types of attachments depending on nature of your application.


Technical Informations

Model Lifting Capacity Load Center
DP 25 2500 kg 500 mm
DP 30 3000 kg 500 mm
DP 50 5000 kg 600 mm
DP 70 7000 kg 600 mm
DP 80 8000 kg 600 mm
DP 100 1000 kg 600 mm
DP 150 15000 kg 600 mm
DP 160 16000 kg 600 mm
GP 30 3000 kg 500 mm
EP 1.6 1600 kg 500 mm
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