Aerial Platforms

Aerial Platforms


JLG industries, Inc. are the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of access equipment. The company offers a diverse product portfolio that increases the versatility and efficiency of the products.

Rental Division’s fleet is wide ranging and is designed to accommodate any specific job site needs and the accessibility restrictions of your desired work location.

Our fleet contains scissor-type, straight-boom and articulated boom-type platforms. Scissor lifts range in height from 19 ft to 50 ft while out boom lifts range from 45 – 135 ft. Our units are available in either electrical or diesel driven engines.


Technical Informations

Model Max Height Engine Type Platfrom Type Platfrom Capacity
1932 ES 19 ft Electric Scissor 227 Kg
2646 ES 26 ft Electric Scissor 454 Kg
3246 ES 32 ft Electric Scissor 700 Kg
4069 LE 40 ft Electric Scissor 363 Kg
4394 RT 43 ft Diesel Scissor 680 Kg
450 AJ 45 ft Diesel Articulated Boom 227 Kg
M450 AJ 45 ft Electric Articulated Boom 227 Kg
600 AJ 60 ft Diesel Articulated Boom 227 Kg
800 AJ 80 ft Diesel Articulated Boom 227 Kg
660 SJ 66 ft Diesel Straight Boom 227 Kg
860 SJ 86 ft Diesel Straight Boom 227 Kg
1350 SJP 135 ft Diesel Straight Boom 227 Kg
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