S.O.S Services

S.O.S Services

High Tech Practical Preventative Maintenance

More than an oil laboratory... Zahid S·O·S Fluid Analysis combines the latest in high tech fluid analysis with in depth mechanical understanding and technical resources that only a focused equipment company can provide.

Combine this with an industry-leading web application for communicating fluid analysis results to customers and the result is a preventative maintenance service providing real world information and recommendations to keep your machinery productive and your maintenance budget on track.

We provide:

  • Complete oil-fuel-and coolant analysis services for all makes and models of mobile and stationary equipment

  • Interpretation of results carried out from a practical standpoint with a detailed mechanical understanding

  • State of the art communications and sample management technology

  • Quality Assurance through our ISO 9001:2000 Registration and other quality programs

  • Localized support through the Zahid branch network

  • Professional assistance and advice in setting up your oil analysis program

  • Economical and competitive pricing made possible through our high volume of samples analyzed


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