Technician Trainning Opportunities

Employers in the construction industry are looking hard and spending untold resources to find skilled, dedicated workers. Likewise, around the Kingdom — Zahid Tractor is making a concerted effort to find skilled, qualified machine technicians.

Zahid Tractor want quality applicants with basic training in areas like engines and drivetrains, hydraulics, electronics and HVAC systems. The search is on for people who get excited about working on powerful machines and engines — skilled heavy-equipment technicians who love a challenge and want to be part of a first-rate team.

Fact is, the heavy-equipment industry pays well and Zahid Tractor Network leads the way in offering great wages and advancement opportunities. Plus, Zahid Tractor also are well established and able to offer excellent benefit packages.

Quality training programs are available at many high school and college/post-secondary public schools, as well as private schools and in the military services. Check with our dealership to find out more about educational opportunities available locally, and about qualifying for possible scholarship or sponsorship opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are training programs available through Zahid Tractor ?
Program availability varies from area to area, but, Caterpillar, Zahid Tractor, community colleges and technical schools are working together to provide the education and training you need to begin a Cat Service Technician career.

Zahid Tractor support many one-year and two-year programs. One-year programs get you ready to start your career by exposing you to the fundamentals of diesel engines, drivetrains, hydraulics and electrical systems. Two-year programs offer more in-depth training in each area.

Are internships available?
Many programs offer on-the-job training where you'll have the opportunity for hands-on experience with heavy equipment and big engines.

What kinds of work could I be doing in "the real world?"
As a Zahid Service Technician, you'll be on a career path to become a specialized expert skilled in electronically controlled engines, satellite-based navigation systems, sophisticated computer-based diagnostics, state-of-the-art hydraulics, transmissions and more.

Where are the jobs located?
Zahid Tractor service territories extend throughout 21 branches in the Kingdom. Get Zahid service training, and go to work anywhere you want to live in the kingdom.

How about opportunities for advancement?
With good performance and ongoing learning, you can take your career as far as you want to go.  Zahid Tractor is a large enterprise with lots of rooms to grow. You'll have opportunities to move into more advanced technician jobs, as well as supervisory and dealership management positions.

How about job security?
Currently, there is a worldwide shortage of trained heavy-equipment technicians. Good jobs are available now in numerous locations. You'll have a great future as a Zahid Service Technician because your valued skills will always be in demand. Zahid on-the-job training, Caterpillar's technology advantage and Zahid Tractor reputation for service excellence will give your career value that lasts for a lifetime.

For more information on Zahid-Cat Service Technician opportunities, check out zahidcat.com. Remember, this is more than a career choice. It's a choice career.

Industry Opportunities
As a certified Zahid Tractor Technician, you'll have the chance to work with more than 300 different Cat machines and engines in a whole array of applications and industries, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Power Generation



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