Fluid Analysis Program

Fluid analysis program is one of the maintenance programs that we offer at Zahid Tractors to increase the life and productivity of your equipment, and inspect it without the need to disassemble it.

We are keen to use the latest and most efficient oils

We are keen to use the latest and most efficient oils, including the high-tech “Hideo Advance” hydraulic oil, as the results of our tests have proven its suitability to work at different temperatures, in addition to its use efficiency of up to 6000 hours.

Various Solutions Serve Small and Medium Enterprises

The various solutions that we provide at Zahid Tractor Company serve small and medium enterprises in the construction sector, providing them with all their technical needs, including periodic inspection of equipment, analysis of oil samples and all maintenance services necessary to increase production.

Caterpillar Engines For Agricultural Irrigation

Caterpillar engines for agricultural irrigation are the most high-quality and most efficient in the market. The capacity of their mechanical power varies according to the required task. We also provide packaging solutions that extend the life of the engines without the need to purchase a new engine.

Dyno Test Stations

Our Dyno test stations in our engine rebuild centres ensure engine readiness, performance and safety, by checking the engine, measuring pressure, temperature, load testing, and high voltage.

We Are Keen To Support Oil And Gas Sector

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the most influential country in the oil and gas sector, so we at Zahid Tractor Company are keen to support this sector with all it needs from technicians and experts specialized in the field of oil. In addition to providing generators and equipment that withstand harsh environments, and ensure productivity, efficiency and continuity.

We Ensure the Readiness of all Generators

The performance of new generators and generators that have been maintained are measured by carrying out electrical load operations of the generators, and this ensures their readiness before they are delivered to the customer.

Experience in Rebuilding Heavy Equipment Parts

Zahid Tractor is unique in its experience in rebuilding heavy equipment parts. We do all quality and efficiency tests inside our central workshops; To check the quality of the parts before installing them.

“Contamination Control” Program

At Zahid Tractor Company, we are keen to implement the “Contamination Control” program to avoid malfunctions that may affect spare parts as a result of impurities or contamination in equipment systems, this program is applied to all Caterpillar factories and agents.