January 22nd, 2021

Caterpillar Sales Campus Jeddah, 2020

18 February 2020, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: The Zahid Tractor Jeddah Sales Campus 2020 took place between the 19th and 23rd of January 2020. 12 (twelve) certified Caterpillar Instructors led the Campus and took the 70 participants through a series of courses that introduced attendees to Key CAT products (including NPIs), highlighted their competitive advantages, and guided them through key selling tools that could be used to differentiate CAT products from competitor products and offerings.

The 70 Zahid Tractor Construction Machinery Division (CMD) participants included employees from the Division’s Sales Department and came from branches across the Kingdom to attend the five-day, intensive Campus. At the conclusion, each participant received certification for completing the various courses of the 2020 Sales Campus.

Commenting on the Zahid Tractor Jeddah Sales Campus 2020 was Mr. Faraj A. Tarhini, the Managing Director of Zahid Tractor CMD, “This was an excellent opportunity for our sales team to better understand and appreciate the features, advantages and capabilities of Key CAT products.” Mr. Tarhini added, “Having the certified Caterpillar instructors with us for five days was also a great opportunity to strengthen the bond between our team and the Caterpillar brand. Now, Let’s Do The Work!”

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