May 29th, 2020

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

As part of its commitment to the environment and in an effort to reduce Zahid Tractor’s carbon footprint, the company has started phasing out the use of plastic bags for spare parts.

As a first step, the company ensured that all plastic heavy bags being produced are bio-degradable. This was a transitional step while the full move to paper bags was being planned. The phasing out started with the replacement of all medium size plastic bags (5kg maximum weight) with environmentally friendly paper bags and this phase is now complete.

With approximately 12,500 medium size bags produced annual by Zahid Tractor, the replacement process is a significant first step. Across all branches, customers will now receive their spare parts in medium size paper bags whenever possible.

The next phase of the project (replacement of small and large plastic bags) is now in process and Zahid Tractor intends to complete this phase by no later than December 2021.

Zahid Tractor will also be participating in Zahid Group’s PLASTIC initiative, which has an objective of removing the use of Single Use Plastics across all operations. Zahid Tractor is committed to doing its part protecting the environment.

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