Skid Steer Loader Testimonial

“Our enterprise operates in the field of general contracting for small and large projects, serving others and ourselves. We operate in the sector of import and export of sheep, cattle and camels.

We use the skid-steer loader in the farm. We build sand dams and waterways around the entire farm, in addition to simple works such as cleaning barns. The skid-steer loader helps us in many construction projects that need strong, fast and small equipment to remove aggregates. The skid-steer loader is small and effective.

It has very-high safety and security systems. It is air-conditioned, and is fast, strong and high performing, with minimal breakdowns. Zahid Tractor has a branch nearby in Jizan. In addition, spare parts are always available which removes the need to search for spare parts and support.

Zahid Tractor is a very well-known and old company. We started out business with them 5 years ago, when we purchased equipment from them for the first time.

With this purchase, we have illustrated our trust in Zahid Tractor. It is the most modern and developed company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and almost in the Middle East.

Zahid Tractor always makes spare parts available within a few days and picking up spare parts is convenient and easy.

It is a heavy-duty, reliable, air–conditioned machine.

I recommend the CAT Skid Steer Loader 216 to anyone that wants to buy machinery equipment. It is inspiring.”

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