Why A Customer Purchased 90 CAT Machines

30 March, 2020: A Khobar based customer, with a long-standing admiration of CAT heavy machinery, made the decision to place a significant order to meet the needs of his kingdom wide land development projects. His decision came as a result of the excellent business development efforts of the CAT sales team based in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia.

Their efforts focused on highlighting the advantages of each of the CAT machines that were being considered, while also showcasing Zahid Tractor’s commitment to aftersales services. Whether it was the high productivity each machine delivers, the O&O savings that would be generated over the lifespan of the machines or the savings that would be generated due to the fuel efficiency of the machines, the sales team were able to respond to each of the queries raised by the customer. The final factor that drove the client towards completing the transaction was Zahid Tractor’s reputation in service, maintenance and support.

The first order was placed in December 2019 and the first batch of 25 units were set for delivery in March, yet the delivery has been postponed due to the uncontrollable situation related to COVID-19. The customer’s order included 40 CAT 320 NGH’s, 25 CAT 426F2’s, 10 CAT 950 GC’s and 15 CAT CS11GC’s.

The customer has always been fond of CAT products and has now become a brand advocate, encouraging other business owners, (who often attend his evening gatherings) to consider Zahid Tractor and CAT products for their businesses too.

This transaction showcases Zahid Tractor’s commitment to working with every potential customer to understand their specific needs and deliver solutions that deliver on those needs better than any competitive product. Additionally, the transaction showcases the CAT advantage and what sets it apart from other brands and comparative products.

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