S.O.S Fluid Analysis

S.O.S Fluid Analysis

Zahid is one of the largest fluid analysis service providers in the Middle East. With our specialized Fluids Analysis tests and added value interpretation we can provide you with information that will:

- Detect early problems - A change in readings from one sample to the next can indicate problems before they become failures. It's much cheaper to do a rebearing and reseal than a full overhaul and clean up after failure.


- Shorten repair time & avoid unscheduled downtime - Identifying problems before failures occur enable you to schedule your downtime for repairs when parts and service personnel are available. Downtime is reduced anytime catastrophic failure can be avoided.


- Realize maximum component life - A projected life expectancy is engineered into every part and component. When good oil monitoring is used and problems are corrected, maximum life is most likely to be achieved.


- Monitor maintenance practices - Good interpretation of the analysis results will indicate shortcomings in service practices and operator techniques. A good report will point out careless maintenance, such as poor quality and contamination, or an operator who rides the brakes too much.


The residual value of equipment will be higher when the Zahid  Fluids Analysis Program is used. The seller will be able to provide detailed records about maintenance history and machine condition.


Scheduled Oil Sampling Reduces Your Costs!

No other fluid analysis program is as thorough or as reliable at predicting potential trouble early. Zahid SOS Lab technicians monitor and provide detailed evaluations for oil, fuel and coolants for all types of equipment, with a precision that has earned us ISO 9001:2000 registration.



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