Zahid Tractor name has been associated with the world’s best crane manufacturers. Today; Zahid Tractor is associated with Terrex – Lorain, a world leader in supplying cranes. These cranes are industry standards and are known for reliability, high performance and low maintenance cost. Recently, Zahid Tractor added another strong European brand – Locatelli – to its family of products.

The Rental Division has a large fleet of cranes. Our fleet of cranes ranges in size from 30 ton to 120 ton. Our cranes are all new and well maintained. In addition, we can offer our cranes with well-qualified certified operators.


Technical Informations

Model Maximum Lifting Capacity Maximum Boom Length
Lorain RT- 230 27 ton 28.50 m
Terex A350 30 ton 27.60 m
Locatelli 8400 35 ton 29.50 m
Locatelli 8500 45 ton 32.00 m
Lorain RT- 555 50 ton 33.45 m
Locatelli 8600 60 ton 32.30 m
Lorain RT- 780 72.5 ton 38.30 m
Terex RT - 1120 120 ton 50.00 m
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