Light Towers

Light Towers


Rental Divisions offers a variety of tower lights and portable lighting options for adding safety and lighting to your work site.

These tower lights are offered with 9.1m masts and can cover an area up to 30 000 m2 of illumination powered by four 1,000 – 1,250 (depending on model) watt metal halide lamps.

The fleet of Tower lights is distributed throughout our depots in Saudi Arabia and can serve all your immediate illumination needs.

Our tower lights are durable and can withstand the harsh environment. These tower lights are so versatile that we have successfully utilized these units as small generators for our telecommunication clients.


Technical Informations

Model Terrex Al/Rl-4000 Allmond Night Litepro/Night lite pro v-series
Generator Output 6 KW 8 KW
Tower Height 9.2 m 9.1 m
Total Watts 4000 5000
Intial Output(Lumens Per Lam) 110,000 150,000
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