Inspection + Service Agreement

The Inspection+ Service Agreement includes a highly specialised visual and technical machine inspection as well as the required maintenance parts kits. It includes a detailed inspection report describing the condition of your machines as well as advanced warning of potential problems.



  • Accurate, professional testing
  • Early warnings enable prompt action to be taken
  • Increased machine uptime Benefits
  • Plan ahead with greater confidence
  • Optimum cost per hour with high quality Cat maintenance parts


What does it include?

Maintenance parts kit

For every service interval, Zahid Tractor will provide a kit containing all the parts you need to perform your machine service as detailed in the Operations & Maintenance Manual delivered with your machine.


Major intervals inspection

This includes a thorough diagnostic inspection of the machine at every 1000 hours, using an extensive checklist and performed by a highly qualified Zahid Tractor field technician who will also provide key recommendations in line with caterpillar guidelines and standards.


Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) kit

S-O-SSM Services involve an analysis of machine fluids in our specialised laboratory. By checking the results against Cat wear tables, potential problems can be identified and corrective action taken. Zahid Tractor will maintain a full record of fluid analysis laboratory results which can be made available thru Zahid Tractor exclusive online software program.


Electronic machine data monitoring

During the major intervals inspection visit, Zahid Tractor will connect Cat diagnostic tools into your machine to diagnose and calibrate the various electronic control systems.


Recommended actions

Based on the S-O-SSM analysis, electronic diagnostics and the major intervals inspection, Zahid Tractor will make recommendations to help you maintain your equipment in perfect condition. This will enable you to focus on your core activity and optimize your owning and operating costs.

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