Maintenance Service Agreement

In addition to all the standard elements included in the Inspection+ Service Agreement, the Maintenance Service Agreement involves a highly skilled technician who will perform all maintenance actions based on the service intervals detailed in the Caterpillar Operation and Maintenance Manual delivered with your machine.



•  Agreement flexibility

 Increased machine uptime

 Optimised machine performance

 Lower operating costs

 Planned maintenance cost per hour

 Improved labour time allocation

 Optimised maintenance scheduling and record keeping costs


What does it include?


Maintenance parts

Caterpillar filters increase contamination control performance by maximising your component cleanliness and life. Caterpillar lubricants and coolants are field tested and approved to ensure they meet each component's specific performance and cooling requirements. Caterpillar maintenance parts are designed for Caterpillar components to optimise your machine’s performance and reduce your operating costs.


Maintenance Service Agreement will include all Caterpillar genuine maintenance parts required to perform the service at specified interval.


Maintenance labour

At every service interval, Zahid Tractor technicians will perform the maintenance required for your machine. A highly skilled technician will travel to your machine with a service vehicle equipped with the specialised Cat tooling needed for the inspections, fluid analysis, diagnostics and oil and filter changes. Each time, you will receive a report including the analysis and recommendations you need to ensure your equipment and operations are running at optimum efficiency.


Periodic inspections

Zahid Tractor will perform technical analysis inspections at every major service interval to improve machine performance and lower owning and operating costs.


Caterpillar unique inspections guidelines are designed to increase engine and machine productivity and availability by inspecting the health and condition of the machine. There are two categories. TA1 is a visual inspection used to identify and document basic equipment condition. TA2 is an operational and system inspection used to identify and document equipment performance.


Scheduled Oil Sampling

S-O-SSM Services involve an analysis of machine fluids in our specialised laboratory. By checking the results against Cat wear tables, potential problems can be identified and corrective action taken. Zahid Tractor will maintain a full record of all service and repair work, along with fluid analysis laboratory results.


Electronic machine data monitoring

Caterpillar Electronic Technician (Cat ET) is the diagnostic software required to communicate, diagnose and service electronically controlled Caterpillar equipment. Zahid Tractor will use this tool at every inspection to perform the following actions:

• Active diagnostics display• Parameter status display

• Logged diagnostics viewing and clearing

• Logging and viewing of irregular Electronic Control Module (ECM) occurrences

• Mechanism for retrieving engine totals including fuel used• Calibrations• Diagnostic tests


Recommended actions

Based on the S-O-SSM analysis, electro n i c diagnostics and the periodic inspections, Zahid Tractor will make recommendations at every service interval to help you maintain your equipment in perfect condition. This will enable you to focus on your core activity and optimize your owning and operating costs.

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