Full Service Agreement

A Full Service Agreement provides you with complete ‘peace of mind’ and an end to the uncertainties of arranging and undertaking repair and maintenance, leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business.


All the standard elements of the Maintenance Service Agreement are included, with the addition of planned overhauls and any unscheduled repairs. All maintenance and repair is placed in the hands of Zahid Tractor.



• Greater machine availability

• Optimized machine performance

• Complete control over costs

• Improved labour utilisation

• Optimized workshop utilisation

• No stock of maintenance and repair parts needed

• Complete peace of mind

• More time to focus on your core business




What does it include?


Maintenance Service Agreement

All the standard elements of a Maintenance Service Agreement are included in the Full Service Agreement.

• Maintenance parts

• Maintenance labour

• Periodic inspections

• Scheduled Oil Sampling

• Electronic machine data monitoring 

• Recommended actions


Repairs and planned overhauls 

With a Full Service Agreement, any remidial repair or before f a i l u re overhaul work will be undertaken by technicians trained by Caterpillar, using the right tools and Cat parts, which have the highest specifications in the industry and are readily available. Zahid Tractor technicians have Cat training and access to Cat specifications to optimise your owning and operating costs. 


Total flexibility

Full Service Agreements are extremely flexible. For example, you may choose an agreement over 3,000 or 10,000 hours, or for a corresponding period of time.You

also have a choice of payment options. Charges may be made on an hourly or

monthly basis. The agreement can be further tailored to your needs to include

other products and services. For example, while your machine is being worked on,

Zahid Tractor can provide a replacement machine to prevent downtime.


Complete peace of mind

With a Full Service Agreement, any maintenance and repair is placed in the hands

of your Caterpillar dealer, so you have greater machine availability, increased

operational efficiency and complete control over costs. A Full Service Agreement

means an end to the uncertainties of arranging and undertaking repair and maintenance.

You can concentrate on growing your business, leaving specialists trained by Caterpillar to take care of everything.

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