Field Service

Field Service

General Repair Service

Many service needs don't necessitate moving a machine off-site to a service facility. For those situations Zahid Tractor has field service engineers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have the largest field service staff for the construction industry in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Zahid Tractor's field service engineers are highly qualified and trained on all aspects of Caterpillar equipment. Our field trucks are equipped with specialty tooling such as cranes, cutting torches, generators and air compressors plus a host of specialized Caterpillar tools for troubleshooting and repair.


All field service engineers have laptop computers for service manual information as well as for troubleshooting mechanical and to diagnose electronic fault with Electronic Technician software.



Build And Bore Machining

Zahid Tractor offers the solution of Building and Boring for this problem. Whether you have an "out of round" bore on any type machine, conveyor or structure, we can build them with weld material and bore them back to original dimensions. We have the capability and tooling to bore in excess of 16 inches diameters. Stop wear before it gets worse and causes additional downtime and expense.



Field Welding

Zahid Tractor has the solution for emergency repairs for equipment that can't be brought into the shop. A heavy-duty service truck equipped with hydraulic crane, cutting unit and portable press. Whether you have a need for welding or emergency undercarriage repair in the field, call Zahid Tractor first.


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