Used Machines

Used Machines


Cat® Certified Used Equipment is available only through Zahid Tractor for Saudi Arabia.


When you buy a Cat Certified Used Machine or a Zahid Certified Used Machine, you know Zahid Tractor stands behind it and provides


                                 - A thorough inspection using the latest technology

                                 - Unmatched knowledge of Cat machines

                                 - Unbeatable service and product support

                                 - Extended coverage options available

                                 - Machine maintenance history

                                 - Much more



Count on Cat Certified Used Equipment and Zahid Certified Used Equipment and... Know What You're Getting.


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When You Buy Cat Certified Used Equipment

You're assured it's been thoroughly inspected and is backed by the experts in Cat Equipment. Anyone can sell a used machine, but only your Cat dealer can certify it for you.


Caterpillar Certified

This low-hour, nearly new equipment has passed a thorough inspection developed by Caterpillar and has met strict maintenance requirements.


Zahid Certified

This Cat Equipment may be slightly older but has still passed the same inspection required for Caterpillar Certified Used Equipment status.



Anyone can sell a used machine, but only your Zahid-Cat can certify it for you.



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Email: inquiry@zahid.com