Product Support

Product Support

Product Support Representatives provide you with Parts and Service Solutions.

Zahid Tractor Product Support Team provides Solutions, Parts and Service Solutions for the ongoing owning and operating needs of our customers. A critical issue in providing Solutions to Caterpillar equipment is providing you, our customers, with options for both Parts and Service. The Zahid Product Support Team, including all of our Parts and Service employees are committed to working with you to understand your needs and provide options that offer you the best Solutions for your particular need.

The Product Support Representative is the player on our team that provides you with a level of expertise in maintenance and repair management that is un-paralleled in the heavy equipment industry. Equipped with the latest in computer technology, Zahid PSRs can provide for you on-site as well as in the office management of the various machines' systems. Managing machine systems such as the undercarriage, hydraulic and power train is critical in cost-effective ownership of today's machines. Our mission is to provide you with the Lowest Cost Per Hour, minimize downtime and extend the productive life of you Cat equipment.

Helping you to achieve the Lowest Cost Per Hour for your Caterpillar equipment is the focus of the Zahid Tractor Product Support Representatives (PSRs). Managing undercarriage for your track-type machines with Custom Track Service and providing parts and service options for maintenance and repair of the undercarriage system is a primary function of the PSR. Other system support Solutions provided by Zahid Tractor PSRs are as simple as Preventive Maintenance services to sophisticated Total Maintenance and Repair Agreements through our CSA Services group. Our Customer Support Agreement services include on-site PM services, Custom Hydraulic Service, and Total Maintenance and Repair Agreements. Zahid Tractor PSRs can help customize any of these services or develop new service solutions for your operation.

Zahid Tractor PSR also can provide Rebuild Options for your Cat machine as an option to replacement. The durability built into a Caterpillar machine does offer the option of rebuilding a machine to a "like new" condition at significant savings. We offer a range of rebuild options from a Caterpillar Certified Rebuild to a Zahid Power Train Rebuild, all of which carry warranties and extended service coverage.

If you own both Cat and non-Cat equipment, Zahid Tractor provides support for parts needs through Zahid Used Parts and All Parts International. We can supply Nexus undercarriage for most non-Cat machines as well as power train components and component parts, hydraulic gear and vane pumps, cutting edges and bucket teeth, and starters and alternators.

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