24 Motor Grader

The largest of the Motor Graders, the Cat® 24 motor grader has the power to work wide haul roads, efficiently. Operators will appreciate the latest cab comforts and owners will benefit by the low operating costs. At 535 HP and with a 24 foot moldboard, this grader will keep your mining machines productive, safe and operators comfortable.



  • The improved power train rebuild life, new modular design and new machine protection features can save you up to 2,400 servicing hours over the life of the machine.
  • Cat C27 engine, 533 mm (21 in) transmission and lower power train provide 33 percent additional machine life before needing to be rebuilt.
  • New, innovative main component modular design means they can be removed and installed quicker and easier. Transmission and cooling package can be removed up to 70 percent faster than the 24M.
  • Fluid Service Center provides single location at ground level for access to engine, transmission, hydraulic oil and coolant. This feature, along with clustered filters and extended service intervals, saves you maintenance time and operating costs.
  • Hoses and electrical harnesses are split at easily accessible bulkhead locations allowing your service technicians to work with smaller sections easier and faster.
  • Ok-to-Start and Critically Low Fluid monitoring systems protect your machine by providing electronic verification of fluid levels and alerting you when low fluid levels are detected, protecting your machine.


  • Cat C27 engine provides enhanced altitude capabilities with no derate up to 3048 m (10,000 ft) for U.S. EPA Tier 4/EU Stage IV emission standards and 4572 m (15,000 ft) for equivalent Tier 2/Stage II emissions.
  • An 11 percent weight increase helps provide more traction and blade down pressure than the 24M.
  • Consistent Power-to-the-Ground changes real-time engine power levels to offset cooling fan losses resulting in best performance at all times independent of ambient conditions.
  • The new high performance circle (HPC) for the Cat 24 Motor Grader improves machine performance, efficiency and uptime availability when maintaining hauls roads at large mines.


  • Fifteen tie-off points located around engine enclosure and cab provide secure tie off hooks protecting you and your technicians when performing service operations.
  • Optional Working at Heights package adds an extra layer of safety by providing handrails and hand holds to improve access and safety.
  • The 24 is a Fire Suppression-Ready machine which means you can easily install a fire suppression system to further protect your investment.
  • Standard rearview camera provides better visibility from the cab to behind the machine while optional front-facing cameras provide enhanced forward and side visibility.
  • Standard seat belt indicator provides visual/audible alerts when the seat belt is not in use. The 24 is pre-wired so you can easily install a beacon on top of the cab to indicate seat belt usage.


  • The 24 features asset protection and performance-improving technologies including: engine overspeed/underspeed, second generation steering system, articulation eStop, ripper auto stow, implements lock out and circle angle limits, to name a few.
  • Standard Cat Grade with Cross Slope improves operator productivity and haul road quality and durability by helping maintain desired cross slope for appropriate water drainage by automatically controlling one side of the blade.
  • The Cat 24 is MineStar™ ready and includes Cat Product Link™ Elite and VIMS™ to help optimize equipment management, remote monitoring capabilities, machine availability and component life while reducing both repair cost and the risk of a catastrophic failure.

Standard Equipment

  • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.
  • Engine: C27
  • 24-volt electric start
  • Air filters, dual with precleaner
  • Automatic dust ejector
  • Ether starting aid
  • Automatic fan, suction with hydraulic demand
  • Drive, near zero fan speed
  • Torque divider, lock-up
  • Transmission, 533 mm (21 in) planetary powershift with 6F/3R, ECPC
  • Enhanced auto-shift, APECS
  • Directional shift management
  • Differential, lock/unlock (auto/manual)
  • Parking brake, multi-disc, sealed and oil cooled
  • Fast fill (fuel, hydraulic, transmission, coolant)
  • Fuel priming pump, electric
  • Electronic prescreener water/fuel
  • Prescreener separator, water/fuel
  • Thermal shields
  • Fluid monitoring (engine, transmission, hydraulic, differential)
  • Alarm, back-up
  • Alternator, 150 ampere, sealed, filtered air intake
  • Maintenance free batteries, 12V (4), 200 amp-hour
  • Heavy duty starter (two)
  • Electrical hydraulic valves, base 8
  • Electrical system, 24 volt
  • Lights, reversing, stop, tail, turn
  • Starter receptacle plug-in
  • Air conditioner and heater sound suppressed, pressurized cab 73 dB(A) ISO 6394 at 70 percent fan speed
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Electro-hydraulic controls
  • Electronic throttle control
  • Automatic return to center articulation
  • 10 inch digital touch screen information display
  • Rear vision camera
  • Coat hook
  • Comfort suspension seat, cloth-covered
  • Front fixed laminated window glass with intermittent wiper, sides (two), rear with wiper/washer
  • Retractable seat belt, 76 mm (3 in)
  • Hydraulic implement lockout for roading and servicing
  • VIMS - 3G
  • Cat Grade with Cross Slope
  • Overspeed/underspeed protection
  • Second generation steering system
  • Ripper auto stow
  • Circle angle limits
  • Fire suppression ready
  • Circle drive slip clutch
  • Locking doors
  • Ground level engine shutdown
  • Secondary steering
  • Working at heights tie-off anchors
  • Rear tandem access platforms
  • Seat belt indicator
  • Moldboard, 7315 mm x 1067 mm x 50 mm (24 ft x 42 in x 2 in)
  • Rear ripper with seven shank capacity, three shanks/tips provided
  • Blade lift accumulators
  • Lincoln Centro-Matic Autolube System
  • Drawbar, eight shoe with replaceable wear strips
  • Fuel tank, 908 L (240 gal) fast fill
  • Ground level fueling
  • Push plate-counterweight
  • SOS ports, engine, hydraulic, transmission, coolant, fuel
  • Hydraulic and electric bulkheads
  • Fluid service center: engine, transmission, hydraulic oil, and coolant ports
  • High Performance Circle

Additional information

Offering Type

Engine - Net Power - EEC 80/1269

399 kW ( 535 HP )

Engine - Bore

137.2 mm ( 5.4 in )

Engine - Stroke

152.4 mm ( 6 in )

Engine - Note (1)

Net power is tested per ISO 9249, SAE J1349, and EEC 80/1269 Standards in effect at the time of manufacture.

Engine - Note (3)

Net power advertised is the power available at rated speed of 1,800 rpm, measured at the flywheel when engine is equipped with fan, air cleaner, muffler and alternator.

Engine - Note (2)

Optimized VHP Plus is standard for the 24.

Engine - Standard Capability

50 °C ( 122 °F )

Engine - Emissions

Tier 4 Final/Stage IV or Equivalent to Tier 2/Stage II

Engine - Note (4)

Power as declared per ISO 14396. Rated rpm 1,800 (561 hp)

Engine Model

Cat C27

Engine - Displacement

27.03 l ( 1648 in³ )

Engine - Number of Cylinders


Weights - Operating Weight - Typically Equipped

74985 kg ( 165314 lb )

Moldboard - Blade Width

7.3 m ( 24 ft )

Moldboard - Blade Height

1025 mm ( 40 in )

Blade Range - Maximum Depth of Cut

550 mm ( 21.7 in )

Blade Range - Maximum Lift Above Ground

410 mm ( 16.1 in )

Machine Weight - Weight*

73344 kg ( 161695 lb )

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