Our people are our greatest strength. As an equal opportunity employer, we provide boundless opportunities across functions and geographies, while supporting each employee’s growth as an individual contributing to a wider team.


Our presence across the Kingdom has enabled us to create a unique environment which brings new perspectives to every challenge and opportunity. As a result, you can gain an incredibly broad spectrum of experiences and perspectives, learning from exceptional people in a wide range of professions. Collaboration across teams, territories and businesses is how we work.

With the drive and desire to exceed your limits, you also have access to a wealth of opportunities. True fulfilment, however, comes from making your own opportunities through your ideas, energy and commitment.



From the moment you join our dynamic team, you can be certain of one thing, you will not be left alone to figure out your career. We provide unparalleled opportunities to foster personal and professional development. We ensure that your career path is a reflection of your aspirations and commitment, where a journey in which you play the leading role.


At Zahid Tractor we believe diversity fosters success. We don’t just value difference, we actively seek out and embrace it. Our diverse workforce allows us to innovatively deliver products and services that assure and engage our customers. By nurturing a wider range of ideas and viewpoints, we are able to work together towards our common objective of achieving excellence.



Zahid Tractor in partnership with the Zahid Learning Institute provides best in class training programmes for both customers and employees. For employees of Zahid Tractor, the courses range from multi-year service apprenticeship programmes, parts logistics and counter training, as well as sales and marketing workshops. The Zahid Learning Institute is fully equipped with its own training facilities, workshops, and highly skilled training instructors to help provide all employees with an equal opportunity to progress in their careers.

To learn more about all the training programmes on offer, please visit our Zahid Learning Institute.

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