June, 09, 2022

Custom Track Service (CTS)

Custom Track Service (CTS) is one of our comprehensive equipment programs that gives customers an easier way to make critical maintenance decisions and is one of the most advanced diagnostic tools with which wear rates can be detected and predicted.

June, 02, 2022

The new generation of CAT Advansys drilling tools

Meet the new generation of CAT Advansys drilling tools. It is easy to disassemble and install, safe, simple, and effective. It also reduces downtime, and it helps improve the performance of loaders and excavators, and increases their productivity by up to 15%.

May, 26, 2022

Field Maintenance Services

At Zahid Tractor, we provide field maintenance services that enable our customers to inspect and repair equipment via our outstanding maintenance team, which is ready to serve our customers all over the Kingdom.

May, 19, 2022

A Support agreement that guarantees long-term comfort and satisfaction

Our priority is to provide our customers with the best services. At Zahid Tractors we provide our customers with a support agreement that guarantees their long-term comfort and satisfaction .The agreement supports periodic maintenance under the auspices of our distinguished technical team and supports other services such as technical inspections, oil sampling, and preparing detailed reports that help avoid malfunctions and treat them before they appear.

May, 12, 2022

Inspection of your equipment on the job sites

An inspection enables us to see the condition and productivity of your equipment on the job sites. It also makes it easier for us to detect malfunctions and see if there are leaks or other problems. The examination stages include the preliminary examination, and the technical analysis examination, which are the most detailed and comprehensive.

April, 28, 2022

Access all data and reports for your equipment using smart devices

You can access all data and reports for your equipment using smart devices, as well as fault codes, operating hours, fuel consumption, and geolocation. This will allow maintenance to be scheduled and problems to be predicted before they occur.

April, 21, 2022

Happy to serve our customers located in remote areas of the Kingdom

At Zahid Tractor, we are happy to serve our customers located in remote areas of the Kingdom. We serve the mining and construction sectors by providing containers equipped with the latest technologies, tools, and spare parts required for rapid around-the-clock processing.

April, 20, 2022

Successful Partner

We are proud to be the successful partner Al-Asayel Contracting Company depends on. Al-Asayel Contracting Company is one of the leading companies in the field of construction, infrastructure, operations and maintenance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are honoured to be a contributing factor in the achievement of their goals and upgrading their infrastructure work with our reliable quality equipment, and the distinguished after-sales services that we provide.

April, 14, 2022

Caterpillar Filters

The Caterpillar filters supplied and tested at Zahid Tractor withstand extreme pressure, durable, and easily pass the breakdown pressure test; making them the perfect choice for your equipment.

April, 07, 2022

Checking the Coolant

50% of engine failures, or poor performance, are related to checking the coolant. The condition of the fluid and the condition of the coolant cycle can also be known by checking; That is why we recommend using a fluid analysis program periodically.

March, 31, 2022

Fluid Analysis Program

Fluid analysis program is one of the maintenance programs that we offer at Zahid Tractors to increase the life and productivity of your equipment, and inspect it without the need to disassemble it.

March, 24, 2022

We are keen to use the latest and most efficient oils

We are keen to use the latest and most efficient oils, including the high-tech “Hideo Advance” hydraulic oil, as the results of our tests have proven its suitability to work at different temperatures, in addition to its use efficiency of up to 6000 hours.

March, 17, 2022

Various Solutions Serve Small and Medium Enterprises

The various solutions that we provide at Zahid Tractor Company serve small and medium enterprises in the construction sector, providing them with all their technical needs, including periodic inspection of equipment, analysis of oil samples and all maintenance services necessary to increase production.

March, 10, 2022

Caterpillar Engines For Agricultural Irrigation

Caterpillar engines for agricultural irrigation are the most high-quality and most efficient in the market. The capacity of their mechanical power varies according to the required task. We also provide packaging solutions that extend the life of the engines without the need to purchase a new engine.

March, 03, 2022

We meet the various electrical energy needs of the commercial and industrial fields

We are fully prepared in Zahid Tractor Company to meet the various electrical energy needs of the commercial and industrial fields. We have Caterpillar electric generators that are distinguished by decades of experience. We can also provide installation services for the station and the accessories necessary for its operation.

February, 24, 2022

Dyno Test Stations

Our Dyno test stations in our engine rebuild centres ensure engine readiness, performance and safety, by checking the engine, measuring pressure, temperature, load testing, and high voltage.

February, 17, 2022

We Are Keen To Support Oil And Gas Sector

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the most influential country in the oil and gas sector, so we at Zahid Tractor Company are keen to support this sector with all it needs from technicians and experts specialized in the field of oil. In addition to providing generators and equipment that withstand harsh environments, and ensure productivity, efficiency and continuity.

February, 10, 2022

We Ensure the Readiness of all Generators

The performance of new generators and generators that have been maintained are measured by carrying out electrical load operations of the generators, and this ensures their readiness before they are delivered to the customer.

January, 27, 2022

Experience in Rebuilding Heavy Equipment Parts

Zahid Tractor is unique in its experience in rebuilding heavy equipment parts. We do all quality and efficiency tests inside our central workshops; To check the quality of the parts before installing them.

January, 20, 2022

“Contamination Control” Program

At Zahid Tractor Company, we are keen to implement the “Contamination Control” program to avoid malfunctions that may affect spare parts as a result of impurities or contamination in equipment systems, this program is applied to all Caterpillar factories and agents.

January, 13, 2022

Dyno Facilities, Where we Stimulate Real World Application Conditions

After rebuilds or major repairs, engines are tested in our Dyno facilities where we simulate their real world application conditions. It all happens under our customers eyes to guarantee quality.

January, 06, 2022

We Ensure the Quality of the Repair

At Zahid Tractor Company, we are keen to carry out accurate tests using the latest technologies such as simulators, and all essential parts of the equipment are inspected to ensure the quality of the repair.

December, 30, 2021

Cat Machines are Built to be Rebuild

At Zahid Tractor we extend the lifecycle of your equipment by rebuilding the engines and generators to serve you longer with more productivity. Cat Machines are built to be rebuild.

December, 23, 2021

A Glimpse into Zahid Cat

At Zahid Tractor we strive on our continuous development journey. With our aftersales network, we offer best in class support to our customers through talented Saudi men and women across the Kingdom.

January, 22, 2021

Caterpillar Sales Campus Jeddah, 2020

18 February 2020, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: The Zahid Tractor Jeddah Sales Campus 2020 took place between the 19th and 23rd of Jan

May, 29, 2020

Skid Steer Loader Testimonial

Our enterprise operates in the field of general contracting for small and large projects, serving others and ourselves.

May, 29, 2020

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

As part of its commitment to the environment and in an effort to reduce Zahid Tractor’s carbon footprint, the company has started phasing

May, 29, 2020

Why A Customer Purchased 90 CAT Machines

A Khobar based customer, with a long-standing admiration of CAT heavy machinery, made the decision to place a significant order