PCC – Terms and Conditions

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase and wish to return your order, Zahid Tractor and Heavy Machinery Co (“ZT”) Terms and Conditions below will apply, along with this return policy. 

1. Cancellation and Returns: Any type of cancellation will need to be done at the ordering branch. Parts cancellation and returns cannot be fulfilled through the website.

2. Return and Cancellation Permitted Period: No Parts may be returned to ZT later than 7 days from the date of pickup/delivery.

3. Conditions for Accepting Returns and Exchange: 

3.1 Electrical Parts may not be returned.

3.2 Returned Part must be unused and in its original undamaged packing.

3.3 The invoice must be provided to ZT at the time of returning the Part.

3.4 Returns should be made by the Customer that placed the original order.

3.5 Any freight charges are non-refundable. 

4. Refunds: If the above conditions are satisfied, ZT shall refund the net price (after discount) of the part minus charge of:

4.1 For Stocked parts: Up to a maximum of 10% of gross value (before discount) of parts being returned. 

4.2 For Non-stocked returnable parts: 20% on gross value (before discount) of parts being returned.

4.3 For Non-stocked non-returnable parts: Return to be accepted when approved by parts and regional management. 50% of gross-value (before discount) of parts being returned is to be charged as handling.

4.4 For parts failed to be picked up by/ delivered to the customer within two weeks from confirmed pickup/delivery date: Incurred cost is applicable at the rate of 10% of item gross value for each week delay after second week from the confirmed pickup/delivery date. Three months from the confirmed pickup/delivery date, the online order becomes invalidated, it is considered as cancelled, and applicable charges will apply.

4.5 Parts status classifications are printed on Customer Invoice under ‘status’ column as below:

S Stock
R Returnable
NS Non-Stock
NR Non-Returnable

5. Exchange Policy

All exchanges will be handled as returns.

6. Refund Process

Provided submission of complete documents in support of refund/return request and the fulfilment of refund/return eligibility requirements at the sole discretion of ZT, most refund requests will be processed within 3-5 business days (or more depending on your bank’s processing times) from the date of processing your refund/return request by ZT. 

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