973 Track Loader

Save money and transport time with one rugged machine that does it all – land clearing, digging, grading, truck loading, slope work and more. Crawler loaders give you lower ground pressure and better traction so you can start the job sooner, and work longer, in all kinds of underfoot conditions. Cat® Track Loaders give you all this, plus outstanding performance and fuel efficiency.


One Machine, Many Jobs

  • Largest track loader in the industry provides the power, breakout force and capacity to take on tough construction utility, forestry and quarry jobs.
  • Track loader power, traction and agility mean you can use one machine and one operator to do everything from clearing the site to installing utilities and finishing around buildings.
  • Fusion™ Quick Coupler option lets you make fast attachment changes with a wide range of tools like forks, buckets, etc. from wheel loaders and other Fusion compatible machines.
  • Bucket/tooth, undercarriage, track shoe and attachment choices help you equip your machine for optimal performance in your applications.
  • Purpose-built Waste Handler, Low Ground Pressure (LGP), Ship Hold and Steel Mill configurations stand up to the toughest tasks.

Top Performer


  • 973 uses up to 10% less fuel per hour than the previous model.

  • Larger fuel tank means you can work longer before refueling.

  • Automatic, Eco and Power modes match performance to the job for optimal efficiency.

  • Performance Series bucket option boosts productivity up to 20% compared to General Purpose bucket.

  • Cat Payload* technology delivers precise bucket load information with on-the-go weighing. More accurate loading reduces cycle times to help save time, labor and fuel costs.

  • Advansys™ bucket tips are built to give you maximum productivity and the lowest bucket lifecycle cost for your toughest applications.

  • Smoother implement and steering response, and improved steering performance provide more controllability.

  • Load sensing hydraulics and position sensing cylinders offer precise, responsive performance.

All comparisons to 973K track loader.
*Not legal for trade.

Easy to Operate


  • Comfortable cab and an intuitive 10-inch (254 mm) touchscreen dash display help make the job easier.

  • Standard High Definition rearview camera shows prominently in the main display.

  • Slope Indicate helps make operation easier by showing machine mainfall and cross slope right on the display.

  • Enjoy operator comforts like suspension seat and adjustable armrests and controls.

  • Choose either joystick or two-lever implement controls to match operator preference or application.

  • Speed/steering control choices include either a joystick or a v-lever and foot pedals.

  • Set implement response - fine, normal, coarse - to match operator preference or application.

  • Emissions reduction technology (when equipped) is designed to work in the background, with no action required from the operator.

Versatility Out Front


  • Maximize your track loader versatility with a broad selection of Work Tool attachments to help you take on just about any task.

  • Fusion Quick Coupler option lets you make fast attachment changes with a wide range of tools from wheel loaders and other Fusion compatible machines.


    • General Purpose, Multi-Purpose, Performance buckets

    • Waste/Landfill buckets

    • Trim Blades

    • Slag, Side Dump, Specialty buckets

    • Forks

    • Material Handling Arm

    • Grapple


Check with your Cat dealer to learn more about the variety of attachments you can use on your track loader.

Focus on Safety


  • Excellent visibility to the bucket and all around the machine enhances safety and helps operators work more confidently.

  • Handles and steps help operators climb on and off the machine more easily, from the front or the back of the tracks.

  • Standard rear vision camera enhances visibility behind the machine.

  • Seat belt indicator gives an alarm and registers fault code through Product Link if the operator fails to buckle up, enhancing job site safety.

  • Ergonomics, a quiet engine and low-effort controls help lessen fatigue, so operators are better able to remain fresh and focused.

Equipped for the Job

  • Equip your loader from the factory to take on extra-challenging tasks like soft footing, waste handling, ship hold and steel mill work.
  • For added flotation and traction, or work in more sensitive ground conditions, choose a Low Ground Pressure (LGP) loader with wider tracks.
  • Waste Handler configuration is a versatile machine for loading, sorting, excavation and spreading cover, and well suited to the landfill or transfer station. Specialized guarding, striker bars and seals help protect the machine and components from impact and airborne debris. Enhanced Cleaning Package reduces cleaning time, adds machine protection and increases compaction.
  • Traction, high reach and machine balance make track loaders ideal for working in ship holds and port handling duties. Specialized guarding and seals help protect the machine, while attachments like coal buckets and trim blades help you get the job done.

Note: 963 Waste Handler model shown

Handle the Heat

  • Factory-designed and installed features equip your 973 track loader for the extreme heat and harsh conditions of steel mill work.
  • Maneuverability, visibility and the breakout force needed for fast cycle times make crawler loaders a rugged and efficient choice for handling slag.
  • Specialized heavy duty guarding, insulation, thermal deflectors and high temperature seals throughout the machine.
  • Steel mill cab with heavy duty, laminated windshield glass and steel roof plate.
  • Insulated Steel Mill fuel tank.
  • Welded side bars reduce thermal distortion of the track roller frame.
  • High capacity slag bucket features thicker structures and stronger teeth/cutting edges for longer service life.

Steel Mill Operating Recommendations: Caterpillar recommends that Steel Mill machines be exposed to hot slag for less than 15 minutes each hour to allow for adequate cooling time between cycles. Typically, two machines per furnace and a backup machine for the site provide the best uptime. The timing, frequency and duration of the work and cooling cycles varies by job site, but exceeding the recommended exposure time will prevent the machine from meeting expected performance levels.

Save on Maintenance

  • Designed to help you take care of routine maintenance and get back to work.
  • Grouped service points located behind large access doors.
  • Daily grease points in easy reach at ground level.
  • Service mode in the operator display shows hydrostatic and implement pressure for easier troubleshooting and servicing.
  • Demand fan provides efficient cooling plus easy fold-down service access.
  • Handy bracket holds a shovel for quick undercarriage clean-out.
  • Tilt cab and convenient service access points for easier maintenance and repair.
  • Diesel Particulate Filter in the Clean Emissions Module (when equipped) designed to work for the life of the engine without needing to clean or replace the filter.

Connect to Greater Efficiency

  • Product Link™ collects machine data that can be viewed online through web and mobile applications.
  • Access information anytime, anywhere with VisionLink® and use it to make informed decisions that boost productivity, lower costs, simplify maintenance, and improve safety and security on your job site.
  • The Cat App helps you manage your assets, at any time, right from your smartphone. See fleet location and hours, get critical required maintenance alerts, and even request service from your local Cat dealer.
  • Remote Troubleshoot saves time and money by allowing your Cat dealer to perform diagnostic testing remotely.
  • Remote Flash updates on-board software without a technician being present, at a time that is convenient for you, potentially reducing update time by as much as 50%.

Standard Equipment

  • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.
Power Train
  • Cat C9.3B Diesel Engine
  • Hydraulic demand fan
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Load sensing implement pump
  • Modular cooling system
Operator Environment
  • 12V power outlet and 5V USB port
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Configurable implement levers
  • Full-color 254 mm (10 in) touchscreen display with integrated rear camera, machine slope indicator, bucket angle indicator
  • Grab handle on dash
  • Heat/Air conditioning
  • Integrated rearview HD camera
  • Lights - 4 halogen
  • Standard cab with one sliding side window and four halogen lights: two facing forward, roof mounted, two facing rearward, integrated in the air conditioner unit
  • 24V radio ready
  • Storage areas throughout cab
  • Lunch box storage with strap holder
Cat Technology
  • Slope Indicate
  • Product Link™ ready
  • HDXL track
  • Oscillating track roller frames
  • Pin-on
  • Cat Advansys™ bucket tips/Ground Engaging Tools
Service and Maintenance
  • 4 x 2 Easy tie-down points on chassis
  • Metallic fuel tank
  • Ecology drains
  • Ground level service center
  • Hinged radiator guard and swing out fan
  • Shovel holder

Additional information

Offering Type

Engine - Flywheel Power

205 kW ( 275 HP )

Engine - Model

Cat® C9.3B

Engine - Net Power - ISO 9249/SAE J1349

205 kW ( 275 HP )

Engine - Net Power - ISO 9249 (DIN)

279 mhp ( 279 mhp )

Engine - Emissions

Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V, Korea Stage V, China Nonroad Stage IV, Japan 2014 emission standards or Eurasian Economic Union Stage IIIA, UN ECE R96 Stage IIIA emission standards, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3/ EU Stage IIIA.

Engine - Note (1)

Cat U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V, Korea Stage V, China Nonroad Stage IV, Japan 2014 engines are required to use ULSD (ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel with 15 ppm of sulfur or less) or ULSD blended with the following lower-carbon intensity fuels up to: 20% biodiesel FAME (fatty acid methyl ester)*; 100% renewable diesel, HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) and GTL (gas-to-liquid) fuels. Cat engines meeting Eurasian Economic Union Stage IIIA, UN ECE R96 Stage IIIA emission standards, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3/ EU Stage IIIA, are compatible with diesel fuel blended with the following lower-carbon intensity fuels up to: 100% biodiesel FAME (fatty acid methyl ester)**; 100% renewable diesel, HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) and GTL (gas-to-liquid) fuels. Refer to guidelines for successful application. Please consult your Cat dealer or “Caterpillar Machine Fluids Recommendations” (SEBU6250) for details. *Engines with no aftertreatment devices can use higher blends, up to 100% biodiesel (For use of blends higher than 20% biodiesel, consult your Cat dealer). **For use of blends higher than 20% biodiesel, consult your Cat dealer.

Engine - Note (2)

Net power advertised is the power available at the engine flywheel when the engine is equipped with a fan, air cleaner, clean emissions Module (when equipped) and alternator. Advertised power is tested per the specified standard in effect at the time of manufacture.

Engine - Note (3)

Machine Build Number 12A

Weights - Operating Weight

29892 kg ( 65901 lb )

Service Refill Capacities - Fuel Tank

450 l ( 119 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - DEF Tank

35 l ( 9.2 gal (US) )

Standard - Operating Weight

29892 kg ( 65901 lb )

Width of Standard Shoe

675 mm ( 27 in )

Standard - Ground Pressure

65.8 kPa ( 9.5 psi )

Low Ground Pressure (LGP) - Operating Weight

32304 kg ( 71218 lb )

Low Ground Pressure (LGP) - Width of Standard Shoe

830 mm ( 33 in )

Low Ground Pressure (LGP) - Ground Pressure

57.9 kPa ( 8.4 psi )

Waste Handler - Operating Weight

30465 kg ( 67164 lb )

Waste Handler - Width of Standard Shoe

675 mm ( 27 in )

Waste Handler - Ground Pressure

67.1 kPa ( 9.7 psi )

Dimensions - Overall Machine Length*

7496 mm ( 295 in )

Dimensions - Machine Height - Top of Cab

3510 mm ( 138.2 in )

Dimensions - Overall Width - Without Bucket

2835 mm ( 111.6 in )

Dimensions - Hinge Pin Height at Maximum Lift

4218 mm ( 166.1 in )

Dimensions - Note

*With General Purpose bucket with bolt-on full edge

Undercarriage - Track on Ground

2930 mm ( 115.3 in )

Undercarriage - Track Rollers/Shoes - Each Side


Buckets - Capacity - General Purpose

3.2 m³ ( 4.2 yd³ )

Buckets - Capacity - Multi-Purpose

3 m³ ( 3.9 yd³ )

Buckets - Capacity - Performance Series

3.8 m³ ( 5 yd³ )

Buckets - Capacity - Landfill

4.9 m³ ( 6.4 yd³ )

Buckets - Capacity - Slag

3 m³ ( 3.9 yd³ )

Buckets - Width - General Purpose

3010 mm ( 118.5 in )

Buckets - Width - Multi-Purpose

2961 mm ( 116.6 in )

Buckets - Width - Performance Series

3015 mm ( 118.7 in )

Buckets - Width - Landfill

3010 mm ( 118.5 in )

Buckets - Width - Slag

2960 mm ( 116.5 in )

Buckets - Note

Additional buckets and work tools available. Please consult with your Cat dealer.

Air Conditioning System - Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system on this machine contains the fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant R134a (Global Warming Potential = 1430). The system contains 1.1 kg of refrigerant which has a CO2 equivalent of 1.573 metric tonnes.

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