Our Cat Equipment product line includes more than 300 types of machines and sets the standard for the industry.  We plan to help you meet your needs by working with you to determine which of our products will enhance productivity and efficiency.  Through our distribution and product support systems and continuous introduction of product updates and innovation, our focus is on providing the best solutions at all times.

All our products share the Caterpillar pedigree of deep industry insight and cutting-edge technology.  We listen to our customers and focus on their specific needs; this allows us to continually recommend innovative solutions for any industry.  Our products have become the industry standard for productivity, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility.  Our customer-centric approach also extends beyond new machines to, certified used, rental and financing solutions.

WARRANTY: New Equipment sold hereunder is warranted against latent defects in material and workmanship pursuant to the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. The applicable warranty period is twelve (12) months from the date of delivery for new Equipment and three (3) months from the date of provision of Services. The obligation under this warranty in relation to the new  Equipment is limited to the repair, replacement or the refund of the price minus i) a reasonable allowance for use (if any) and ii) a deduction for any damage to the  new Equipment resulting from anything other than the defect, at ZT’s option. The obligation under this warranty relating to a Service is limited to the proper re-performance of the Service. Unless otherwise agreed, all warranty work will be performed at ZT’s facility. The warranty ceases to be effective if the new Equipment are altered or repaired other than by persons authorized or approved by ZT to perform such work or is/are misused, not serviced or damaged other than as a consequence of a defect. Parts utilized to effect warranty repairs shall be warranted until the expiry date of the original new equipment warranty and any replaced parts shall become ZT’s property. In the case of used Equipment, the Buyer purchases said equipment. Buyer expressly acknowledges and accepts that ZT makes no warranty, in relation to the used Equipment, as to: i) description, ii) condition and/or quality, iii) fitness for purpose and/or merchantability, and iv) the accuracy or completeness of the service records. In the event the used equipment is covered by the warranty of the manufacturer (Caterpillar Used Warranty Program), the terms and conditions of that warranty will be applied according to the manufacturer’s certified policy.