26 m³ (34.0 yd³) – 608-2559

26 m³ (34.0 yd³) Heavy Rock and Ore bucket for the 6060 Hydraulic Mining Shovel

Cat Heavy Rock and Ore buckets are designed for use in high-density materials and extremely aggressive applications, such as loading ore or poorly blasted rock. Cat Heavy Rock and Ore buckets come equipped with either an extreme duty or heavy duty wear package that includes increased wear plate thickness, heavy duty heel shrouds, and additional protection for the hinge casting and lip. Wear packages are also optimized for either high impact or high abrasion, depending upon the application.


Additional information

Offering Type

Material Density

2.4 t/m³ ( 4045 lb/yd³ )

Wear Package

Extreme Duty – Abrasion

Ground Engaging Tool (GET) System

Cat W950R

Machine Model



26 m³ ( 34 yd³ )


49474 kg ( 109,078 lb )

Outer Width

4820 mm ( 189.8 in )

Inner Width

4210 mm ( 165.7 in )

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