1614 mm (64 in)

1614 mm (64 in) Pallet Fork Carriage

For moving palletized loads on construction sites, handling bagged fertilizer and seed at landscaping and nursery sites.

Swinging Tines

Swinging tines feature makes the loading and unloading process easier allowing the carriage to be properly positioned for improved visibility.

Fork Tine Holders

Using the bolts on the rings, set the side adjustment range according your need, avoiding non expected side shifts.

Center Visibility

With a low-profile carriage, the visibility through the coupler is excellent helping the load process across all loader arm ranges.

Side Visibility

Visibility is also optimized across the carriage due the design. Ideal for precise operations avoiding product or truck damages.

Additional information

Offering Type


941 mm ( 37 in )


1614 mm ( 63.5 in )


518 kg ( 1142 lb )


406 mm ( 16 in )

Interface Type

IT Coupler

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