2.5 m3 ( 3.3 yd3), IT Coupler, Bolt-On Cutting Edge

2.5 m3 ( 3.3 yd3) IT Coupler High Dump Bucket With Bolt-On Cutting Edge

Increased dump height equals better performance in loading applications.



Designed with an increased dump height for better truck loading.

Spill Guard with Visibility Slots

Diverts overflow away from hinge pins, lift arms, hydraulic cylinders and tilt sensors which helps to protect the machine from damage. Also creates good forward visibility for the operator.

Rear Debris Deflector

Rear debris deflector is designed to deflect material away from bucket frame to protect against dirt and damage.

Rack Back Dump Stops

4 Non-metallic dump stops to reduce shock loads and protect cylinders.2 Metallic dump stops to prevent overloading the non-metallic stops and prevent cylinder over centering.

Non-Metallic Bucket Dump Stops

Non-metallic bucket dump stops are designed to reduce shock loads, protect cylinders and to avoid bucket over centering.

Corner Bucket Gussets

Corner bucket gussets were added to stiffen bucket and protect against bending and weld cracking.

Reversible Cutting Edge

Reversible one piece cutting edge protects base edge, while providing rigidity and extending the life of the bucket.

Bottom Rear Wear Support Plates

Replaceable wear support plates underneath the rear frame corners provide protection for the bucket as well as making it easy for the operator to level the bucket on the ground.

OMM Container

Tool mounted and sealed from the elements, this holder includes all the operation manuals and maintenance guides required for proper operation of the high dump bucket.

Additional information

Offering Type


2366 mm ( 93.1 in )


1583 mm ( 62.3 in )


1470 kg ( 3240.8 lb )


1698 mm ( 66.9 in )


2.5 m³ ( 3.3 yd³ )

Base Edge Thickness

25 mm ( 1 in )

Cutting Edge Thickness

19 mm ( 0.7 in )

Interface Type

IT Coupler

Required Hydraulics

3rd Function

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