2185 mm (86 in), Fusion™ Coupler

2185 mm (86 in) Fusion™ Coupler Millyard Fork

Stack, carry and sort piles of lumber.



Efficiently unload and load from trucks, capably sort pole and decking inventory in the yard, effectively feed sawmills and handle other long or bulky material.


Large open frame top design increases visibility and assists operator in loading and unloading materials.

Curved Frame Design

Promotes rolling action of logs for smooth loading and unloading. Log quality is preserved by rounded corners and fewer sharp angles.

Roller Tips

Helps prevent damage to poles when loading and unloading.

Additional Wear Strips

Helps to increase life of the tines.

Tool Mounted Operation and Maintenance Manual Holder

Tool mounted and sealed from the elements, holder includes all operation manuals and maintenance guides required for proper operation of the work tool.

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Additional information

Offering Type


2212 mm ( 87.1 in )

Tine Spacing - Maximum Width

2185 mm ( 86 in )

Tine Spacing - Inside Width

1955 mm ( 77 in )

Tine Length

1260 mm ( 49.6 in )

Tine Width

115 mm ( 4.5 in )

Maximum Clamp Opening

2089 mm ( 82.2 in )

Minimum Clamp Opening

149 mm ( 5.9 in )


1714 kg ( 3778.7 lb )

Tip Type

Roller Tips

Interface Type

Fusion™ Coupler

End Area

1.21 m² ( 13 ft² )

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