2659 mm (105 in)

2659 mm (105 in) Log & Lumber Fork Carriage

With several sizes and options available, log and lumber fork carriages provide the tools you need for your particular job.


Cat® Log & Lumber Fork Carriages are used to load, unload, move deck, sort and feed the mill. Their flat fork tines and raised guards are designed specifically for use in handling both unfinished logs and stacked lumber.

Risers / Log Guards

Risers and Log guards prevent logs from rolling back on to linkages. Maximizes the ability to fill the fork at every pass by supporting large loads.

Wider Carriages

Wider carriages increase stability when handling longer poles/loads.

Wider Tine Widths

Wider tine widths provide a larger surface area for stability when transporting larger materials.

Additional information

Offering Type

Interface Type

Fusion™ Coupler

Tine Configuration

Non-swinging, Non-floating


1458 mm ( 57.4 in )


704 kg ( 1552.1 lb )


2659 mm ( 104.7 in )


480 mm ( 18.9 in )

Tine Spacing Range - Outside Width

1002-2551 mm (40-100 in)

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