3512C Propulsion Engine (IMO II)

The Cat 3512C marine propulsion engine makes your investment work harder. Through a wide range of available power ratings (including High Displacement ratings), no required aftertreatment technology, and nominal rated BSFC fuel consumption – it will drive down your total cost of ownership. With a redesigned piston bowl shape to improve combustion, and improved fuel delivery, this engine is IMO II emissions compliant and committed to sustainable environmental development. Single-source support, the Caterpillar warranty, and industry-leading one-year warranty on parts make the 3512C a fully integrated marine power solution.

Driving down total cost of ownership

A wide range of power ratings available, No aftertreatment technology required, Fuel consumption nominal rated BSFC


Modified piston bowl shape to improve combustion and reduce emissions, Uses K-factor injector to align with predictive model analysis, Better electronic injection control using crank timing vs. cam timing, IMO Tier II Emissions Compliant, Lower IMAT = Lower NOx


Electronic governing (A4 ECU), Instrument panel shipped loose with Color Marine Power Display (MPD), Cold mode start strategy, Programmable low idle, Optional marine alarm and protection system


Single-source support, Caterpillar warranty for all factory packaged components, Industry-leading one-year warranty on parts

Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System
  • Separate circuit aftercooler core, corrosion resistant coated (air side)
  • Powercore air cleaner
Control System
  • Dual Caterpillar A4 Electronic Engine Control with Electronic Unit Injector Fuel System
  • Rigid Wiring Harness (10 amp DC power required to drive Electronic Engine Control Module)
Exhaust System
  • 3500C engines:
Fuel System
  • Fuel transfer pump
  • Electronically Controlled Unit Injectors
  • Electronic service meter, instrument panel (24V), start/stop switch, emergency stop button, maintenance due light, diagnostic light, warning light, maintenance clear switch, start motor magnetic switch, 15 and 3A breakers
  • Graphical Unit (Color Marine Power Display) for analog or digital of:
Lube System
  • Crankcase breather groups, Top mounted
  • Oil filler and dipstick, LH or RH
  • Oil pump, gear type
  • 250 or 1000 hour sump oil pan
Mounting System
  • Rails, engine mounting, ledge type, 203 mm x 203 mm (8 in x 8 in) or Front Trunnion
Power Takeoffs
  • Accessory drives: Lower RH, lower LH
  • Front housing, two-sided
Protection System
  • A4 Electronic Monitoring System provides customer programmable engine derating strategies to protect against adverse operating conditions
  • Emergency stop push button (located in Electronic Instrument Panel)
  • Safety shutoff protection:
  • Vibration damper and guard
  • Lifting eyes
  • NOTE: Engines for heat exchanger cooling do NOT include heat exchange
Flywheel and Flywheel Housing
  • Flywheel, SAE No. 00, 183 teeth
  • Flywheel housing, SAE No. 00
Cooling System
  • Oil cooler
  • Thermostats and housing, Full open temperature 92 C (198 F)
  • Jacket water pump, gear driven, centrifugal
  • Auxiliary fresh water pump
  • Aftercooler system: If using glycol, up to maximum 20% glycol concentration is allowed

Additional information

Offering Type

Power Rating - Power Range

1280-2551 bhp (955-1902 bkW)

Engine Specifications - Speed Range

1200 rpm, 1600 rpm, 1800 rpm

Engine Specifications - Emissions


Engine Specifications - Aspiration


Engine Specifications - Bore

170.0 mm ( 6.69 in )

Engine Specifications - Stroke

190.0 mm ( 7.48 in )

Engine Specifications - Displacement

51.8 l ( 3161.0 in³ )

Engine Specifications - Rotation from Flywheel End

Counterclockwise or Clockwise

Engine Specifications - Configuration

Vee 12, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel

Dimensions & Weights - Maximum Length

2669.0 mm ( 105.1 in )

Dimensions & Weights - Maximum Width

2232.0 mm ( 87.9 in )

Dimensions & Weights - Minimum Dry Weight

6532.0 kg ( 14400.0 lb )

Dimensions & Weights - Minimum Width

2037.0 mm ( 80.2 in )

Dimensions & Weights - Minimum Height

1904.0 mm ( 75.0 in )

Dimensions & Weights - Minimum Length

2590.0 mm ( 102.0 in )

Dimensions & Weights - Maximum Height

2242.0 mm ( 88.3 in )

Engine Specifications - Displacement - HD

58.6 l ( 3574 in³ )

Engine Specifications - Stroke - HD

215 mm ( 8.5 in )

Dimensions & Weights - Maximum Dry Weight

7411 kg ( 16340 lb )

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