762 mm (30 in) Heavy Duty Rock Bucket

Used for aggressive bucket loading in highly abrasive applications such as severe rock.


Designed for aggressive applications and coarse aggregate removal. Used in demanding applications such as rock and concrete removal.

Designed For Extreme Duty

Similar to heavy duty buckets but with thicker wear plates for use in highly abrasive and high impact applications.

Bucket Design

Formed back wrapper design enhances bucket loading ability and production.

Superior Bucket Fill

Optimum wrapper angle and no sharp corners promote superior bucket fill and reduce material packing.

Additional information

Offering Type


762 mm ( 30 in )


308.7 l ( 10.9 ft³ )


223 kg ( 491.6 lb )

Base Edge Thickness

25 mm ( 1 in )

Tip Radius

1015 mm ( 40 in )

Interface Type

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