Abrasion Flat Floor PS, 5m³ (6.5yd³), Pin On

Abrasion Performance Series Flat Floor Bucket, 5m³ (6.5yd³), Pin On Coupler

Peformance Series Flat Floor Buckets increase productivity and lower fuel costs through efficient use of machine power.

Load More Material, Burn Less Fuel

  • Designed to match specific machine models as a system, so you get the most out of your Cat Loader.
  • Cat Performance Series buckets lower fuel consumption up to 7 percent.
  • Fill times are improved by 3 to 5 seconds, every pass.
  • Fill factors are 5 to 10 percent better in most materials, giving more payload in every bucket.
  • Carry further with less spillage, thanks to optimized bucket-to-linkage geometry.

Easy to Operate

  • Improved geometry gives the operator better visibility to the load.
  • Easy-filling shape gives performance improvements regardless of operator skill level.
  • Optional back-grading edge lets operators finish and clean, and still have penetrating teeth on the leading edge.

Durability: Abrasion

  • Built to endure in abrasive materials – e.g. sand and rock.
  • Entire bucket is built from HB400, HB450, and HB500 equivalent steels.

Additional information

Offering Type


Pin On


5.0 m³ ( 6.5 yd³ )


3220 mm ( 126 in )


2341 kg ( 5161 lb )

Edge Arrangement

Bolt On Cutting Edge

Adapter Size

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