AP355 Asphalt Paver

The AP355 Asphalt Paver combines excellent styling with technology that exemplifies comfort and productivity. Numerous technological enhancements help contractors navigate around the twists and turns of urban environments and mountain roads.

Technology That Works for You

  • Exclusive Eco-mode and automatic engine speed control, reduce fuel consumption and lower sound levels for better comfort and communication
  • Auto-fill feeder system simplifies setup by filling the auger chamber to the set point determined by the feed sensors
  • Single touch feeder system activation optimizes efficiency by activating each auger and each conveyor
  • Automated travel feature; augers raise with the screed, preventing damage during transport
  • Single-touch hopper control enables operators to concentrate on other duties

High Quality Results, Higher Earnings

  • Standard paving range of 1.75 m - 3.2 m (5' 9" - 11' 2") with a maximum width of 4 m (13' 1") deliver excellent performance for parking lots, urban streets, pathways, trenches, narrow shoulders, and other mid-sized applications
  • An optional paving reduction attachment narrows the paving width to 700 mm (27.5")
  • Heated end gates, variable frequency vibration, and tamper bar settings help provide smooth material flow

Exclusive Mobil-trac Undercarriage

  • Mobil-trac™ undercarriage provides exceptional mobility, outstanding traction, and fast travel speeds for unmatched maneuverability around the job site
  • Counter-rotating tracks provide excellent maneuverability in tight quarters
  • Self-tensioning accumulators, center guide blocks, and rugged internal belt cables help ensure durability
  • Rubber-coated components help shed asphalt and prevent accumulation
  • Efficient track plow design pushes material away from the tracks and helps eliminate cold patches caused by track compression

Low Owning and Operating Costs

  • Engine options available to meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V emissions and other regional standards
  • Million cycle key-pad switches provide reliability
  • Conveyor bed plates and chain guards designed to minimize labor requirements and provide lower cost replacement
  • Heating elements slide-out for easy replacement
  • Machined screed frames simplify screed plate leveling

More Comfort

  • Ventilation system option draws fumes from the auger chamber and redirects them away from the operator for a more comfortable working environment
  • Single sliding console enables operation from either side of the machine
  • Dual independent seats swing out beyond the platform for good visibility to curbs and obstacles
  • Heated seat option delivers comfort in cool weather conditions
  • High visibility 76 mm (3") seat belt helps with crew safety compliance

Easy Viewing Displays, Simple Operation

  • Operating displays can be tailored to specific language requirements with multiple options available
  • Easy access to generator activation, screed temperature control, screed heating zones, tamper and vibratory speeds, and service code information
  • Intuitive symbols and large graphics simplify operation
  • Adjustable brightness control for easy viewing day or night
  • Raised switch design enables easy recognition for better efficiency and performance

Screeds That Deliver Quality

  • SE34 V and SE34 VT screeds deliver excellent ride, density, and mat texture while providing superior adjustment capabilities
  • Basic Grade Control option available

Service and Repair Kits

  • Paver and screed service and repair kits include all the parts necessary to complete specific repairs
  • Cat genuine parts are manufactured to precise specifications and designed for optimal performane and maximum uptime
  • Repair kits are identified by a single part number to make ordering easy
  • Select kits are available to be packaged as a kit by the dealer for over the counter purchases or through the dealer service shop

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Standard Equipment

Operating Environment
  • Single sliding console
  • Steering guide
  • Product Link™ Elite 6412 (cellular)
  • Cat® C3.3B, four-cylinder
  • Cooling fan, variable speed
  • Mobil-trac undercarriage
Electrical System
  • 750 CCA battery, maintenance-free
  • 85-amp alternator
  • 12-volt charging system
  • Automotive-type fuse system
  • Cat® Electronic Technician (Cat ET)
Material Delivery
  • Material feed sensors, contact
  • Push-roller, adjustable
Service and Maintenance
  • Hydraulic oil, Cat HYDO™ Advanced
  • Remote access drains
  • Service repair kits
  • Sampling ports for Scheduled Oil Sampling
  • Sight Gauges, engine coolant, hydraulic oil
  • Alarm, back-up
  • Horn, warning (front & rear)
  • Lights, LED Working
  • Mirror package

Additional information

Offering Type

Operating Specifications - Standard Paving Range

1.75-3.42 m (5' 9" – 11' 2")

Engine Model (1)

Cat C3.3B

Engine Power (1)

55 kW ( 74.8 HP )

Weights - Operating Weight - With SE34 VT

8700 kg ( 19246 lb )

Weights - Operating Weight - With SE34 V

8500 kg ( 18850 lb )

Weights - Shipping Weight - Paver Only

7100 kg ( 16094 lb )

Operating Specifications - Maximum Throughput Capacity

406 tonnes/hr ( 447 ton(US)/h )

Dimensions - Operating Length

5047 mm ( 16.5 ft )

Dimensions - Operating Width

3180 mm ( 10.4 ft )

Dimensions - Operating Height - With Canopy

3415 mm ( 11.1 ft )

Dimensions - Transport Length

4904 mm ( 16.1 ft )

Dimensions - Transport Width

1886 mm ( 6.1 ft )

Dimensions - Transport Height - Canopy Retracted

2645 mm ( 8.6 ft )

Operating Specifications - Maximum Paving Width

4.6 m ( 15.1 ft )

Operating Specifications - Maximum Paving Speed

64 m/min ( 210 ft/min )

Operating Specifications - Maximum Travel Speed

11 km/h ( 7 mile/h )

Dimensions - Truck Entry Height

547 mm ( 21.5 in )

Dimensions - Truck Entry Width

3150 mm ( 10.3 ft )

Service Refill Capacities - Fuel Tank Capacity

110 l ( 29 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - Cooling System

9 l ( 2.4 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - Engine Oil

13.2 l ( 3.5 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - Hydraulic Oil Tank

80 l ( 17.6 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - Washdown Spray Tank

28 l ( 6.2 gal (US) )

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