The Cat® MPC100 is the new Propulsion Control System solution designed for commercial vessels and yachting.
It is the ideal control system for single and twin-propeller applications, providing the captain reliable control of his vessel at any given time even in the harshest marine environments. Particular attention has been paid to the design and ergonomics, which not only adapts to a luxurious environment but also provides ease of operation and unmatched user experience. MPC100 is featuring extensive capabilities for integration into the vessel’s ecosystem.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Supports 12 and 24VDC powered applications
  • Available for all electronically controlled Cat Marine Propulsion Engines
  • Compatible with all major Marine transmissions
  • Control from up to 8 Command Stations
  • Built-in Control of the Engine, Transmission incl. Trolling Valve
  • Mode Selector incl. Warm-up, Trolling, Advanced Trolling, Slow Vessel and Cruising Modes
  • Synchronization Mode for Twin Propeller Operation using Single Lever
  • Engine Start Interlocks
  • Highly configurable for multiple powertrain configurations
  • Easy Plug & Play Installation supported by Cat ET (Electronic Technician)
  • Optional backup control panel

Ergonomic handle and lever

Comfortable to grip in all ways and directions

Exchangeable handle

Top surface of handle is possible to change to fit the environment and helm design

Safe operation

Buttons are recessed to prevent unintentional actuation

Clear haptics

Rubber buttons with metal domes give a distinct and clear haptic feedback

Small, rectangular footprint

Requires less helm panel real estate and facilites installation

Solid chrome

Resisting weather challenges

Black head body

Fits with other components in the helm and makes the conrol blend in

Glass Interface

Consistent with other components in a glass bridge helm

Distinct, dynamically adaptable User Interface

Only shows the information that is relevant and vital at each specific time

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Standard Equipment

MCL100 - Integrated Marine Control Lever Head
  • Small footprint offering an integrated mode selector
  • Built-in display using dynamic user interface enhancing user experience
  • General alarm status indicators in the lever head itself
MPL100 - Marine Palm Beach Lever Assembly
  • Interface unit to the larger side-mounted handles
MCD100 - Marine Control Display
  • Multi-purpose control device with integrated backup control unit used for the palm beach lever head integration point as well as the interface to the advanced lever head.
MCP100/300 - Marine Control Processor
  • Redundant control processor unit for controlling single or twin-powertrain configurations, incl. engine transmissions and trolling valves
  • Configurable interface for integration into vessel's ecosystem
CMD - Cat Marine Displays
  • CMD5, CMD8, and CMD13 with easy access to operating data and alarm notification for engine and powertrain control systems
  • Standardized control and engine room harnessing available in various lengths

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