SE50 VT Tamper Bar Screed

SE50 VT Tamper Bar Screed

The Cat® SE50 VT screed utilizes tamper bars and rear-mounted extenders to deliver smooth material flow and increased mat density. Stability, easy set-up, and a versatile paving range make it the perfect match for air-ports, interstates, highways, and many other mid-sized paving applications.


Application Versatility

  • Common applications include urban and rural roads, streets, airports, highways, and interstates
  • The standard paving range of 2.55 m - 5 m (8' 4" - 16' 4") provides excellent performance when changing paving widths for both urban and highway paving applications
  • Simple, bolt-on extensions offer a maximum paving width of 8 m (26' 3")

Simple Operation

  • Operating displays can be tailored to specific language requirements with multiple options available
  • Exclusive 2-speed, proportional extender control provides smooth adjustment when transitioning paving widths
  • Screed operating consoles are equipped with ratio adjustment for the augers and conveyors, providing the ability to modify material flow
  • Optional power controls for extension height enables operators to quickly manage mat quality
  • Trailing edge screed plate adjusters help maintain an even plane across the width of the screed in order to enhance paving quality and extend screed plate life

Smooth Material Flow

  • Enhanced tamper-bar and deflector plate profiles provide smooth flow to the screed plates
  • Screed plate depths of 324 mm (12.75") on both the main and extenders provide stability and good mat textures
  • The heated end gate option helps prevent material from sticking for better edge profiles and joint matching capability

Pave Start Assistant

  • Pave Start Assistant saves set-up profiles for repeatable use on future job sites, simply activate the profile for quick, single person setup
  • Set-up preferences include: tamper speed, tow-point height, screed heat temperature, paving speed, paving width, paving depth, crown, extender height (power option), screed assist, and screed locking features
  • Setup features are located in the left screed display and can also be viewed through right screed display and tractor displays

Quick Heat, Even Distribution

  • Tractor integrated generator delivers fast, 15-minute screed plate heating for quick starts
  • Electric heating system with zone monitoring helps ensure even heat distribution and smooth asphalt textures while also allowing heating to continue in the event of a temperature sensor failure

Pendent Control Option

  • Manual overrides and pause function capability for each auger and each conveyor are available to match changes in material flow requirements
  • Optional power height functions assist with profile
  • Automatic Grade Control activation provides flexibility when working on the outer edge of the screed

Grade Control Option

  • Factory-integrated leveling system that helps remove irregularities from the surface and control mat thickness for increased production, lower operating costs, and higher profitability
  • User-friendly system with text-based displays, split screen-mode, and on-the-go sensor selection
  • Precise control driven by 10-point auto-calibration, true averaging with 5 transducers in each sonic sensor, and cross-coupling feature that maintains slope requirements more consistently when changing elevation

Service Repair Kits

  • Paver and screed service and repair kits include the parts necessary to complete specific repairs
  • Cat genuine parts are manufactured to precise specifications and designed for optimal performance and maximum uptime
  • Repair kits are identified by a single part number to make ordering easy
  • Select kits are available to be packaged as a kit by the dealer for over the counter purchases or through the dealer service shop

Standard Equipment

Power Controls
  • Crown
  • Service repair kits
  • Horn_warning
  • Endgate_manual
Material Delivery
  • Thickness screws

Additional information

Offering Type

Weights - Standard Weight

3295 kg ( 7264 lb )

Operating Specifications - Standard Paving Range

2.55 – 5.0 m (8' 4" – 16' 4")

Operating Specifications - Maximum Paving Range

8 m ( 26.3 ft )

Operating Specifications - Tamper Speed Range

700 to 1800 rpm

Operating Specifications - Vibrator Speed Range

0 to 3000 rpm

Operating Specifications - Maximum Paving Depth

305 m ( 12 in )

Operating Specifications - Crown Range

-2% to +5%

Operating Specifications - Extender Height Range

-20 mm to +50 mm

Operating Specifications - Heating Time - Maximum Width

25 minutes

Operating Specifications - Heating Time - Standard Width

15 minutes

Dimensions - Transport Width - Endgates Folded

2.55 m ( 8.33 ft )

Dimensions - Transport Length - Tractor and Screed

6666 mm ( 21.85 ft )

Dimensions - Screed Plate Width - Front to Back

324 mm ( 12.75 in )

Dimensions - Length - Front to Back, Endgates Attached

2345 mm ( 92 in )

Dimensions - Length - Front to Back, Endgates Removed

1731 mm ( 68 in )

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