1829 mm (72 in)

1829 mm (72 in) Angle Blade

Robust, high capacity design for moving dirt, gravel, livestock waste and snow.


Designed for moving dirt, gravel, livestock waste and snow. Also ideal for finish grade work in construction and landscaping applications.

Two-Way Blade

Two-way blade can be operated with the blade locked for aggressive dozing or with spring-loaded trip engaged for pushing snow or livestock waste.

Angle Range

Blade angles +/- 30 degrees to assist in various tasks.

Curved Moldboard

Curved moldboard with standard reversible/replaceable bolt-on, hardened DH-2 steel cutting edge delivers long life and high performance.

Adjustable Skid Shoes

Adjustable skid shoes reduce the chances of gouging plowed surface and allow for improved operator control and maintains a constant cutting-edge depth.

Spherical Rod Eye Cylinder

Spherical rod eye cylinder adds another degree of movement to jointed section for better impact protection.

Four Pre-loaded Springs

Four pre-loaded springs provide appropriate force with spring-loaded trip engaged. Springs can be removed individually to accommodate a lighter trip.

Adjustable Interface

Allows for proper ground interface with different hinge pin heights on compact wheel loaders, skid steer and compact track loaders.

Optional Snow Kit

Optional snow kit with heavy-duty guard assembly, two edge markers and mounting hardware.

Optional Non-Metallic Blade

Optional bolt-on, non-metallic edge reduces surface scratches or marring of concrete and asphalt surfaces.

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Additional information

Offering Type

Blade Width

1829 mm ( 72 in )

Width - Fully Angled

1685 mm ( 66.3 in )

Maximum Blade Angle - Right/Left of Center

30 degrees

Blade Height

614 mm ( 24.2 in )

Cutting Edge Width

1893 mm ( 74.5 in )


753 mm ( 29.6 in )


313 kg ( 690 lb )

Cutting Edge Thickness

16 mm ( 0.6 in )

Optimal Hydraulic Flow

42-86 L/min (11-23 gpm)

Optimal Hydraulic Pressure

145-235 bar (2100-3400 psi)

Required Hydraulics

Standard Flow

Interface Type

Skid Steer Coupler

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