2498 mm (98 in)

2498 mm (98 in) Construction Fork Carriage

For use in heavy duty applications where standard pallet fork carriages may not be suitable.

Robust Design and High Backs

The robust design provides durability as well as exceptional visibility. The high backs prevent material from shifting towards the machine.

Swinging Forks Capability

In some operations, swinging forks helps to pick materials out of the ground. This carriage offers this option by just changing the configuration of the retention plate located on the forks.

Adjustable Fork Positions

Adjust the fork position a total of 855 mm (33.7 in) from one side to the other with increments of 55 mm (2.2 in) and lock them to prevent non-expected movements.

Quick Change Fork Tines

By removing two bolts on either side of the carriage, the fork tines can be easily changed to different sizes as needed.

Additional information

Offering Type


1320 mm ( 52 in )


2498 mm ( 98.3 in )

Tine Spacing Range - Outside Width

340-2380 mm (13.4-93.7 in)


639 kg ( 1408.8 lb )


633 mm ( 24.9 in )

Interface Type

Fusion™ Coupler

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