400 mm (16 in)

400 mm (16 in) Banana Bucket

Open side plates and small width are the main characteristics for a banana style trenching bucket. Specific for trenching cohesive materials for easy unloading.


Bucket Design

Formed back wrapper design enhances bucket loadability and production.

Bucket Shape

Enhanced bucket shape allows material to flow more easily. Tapered bucket side walls allow for easy dumping of sticky material.

CW Coupler Interface

Designed for use with the CW Coupler Interface, which provides quick bucket changeovers and a wedge style coupler design that locks the bucket solidly in place.

Additional information

Offering Type


400 mm ( 15.7 in )


155 l ( 5.5 ft³ )


140 kg ( 308.6 lb )

Base Edge Thickness

25 mm ( 1 in )

Tip Radius

871 mm ( 34.3 in )

Interface Type

CW-10 Coupler

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