Cat® C1.1 Diesel Engine

Cat® C1.1 Industrial Diesel Engines deliver impressive performance throughout a wide speed range with exceptional power density. Their ultra-compact package size and extensive choice of options ensures these engines are ideal for a wide range of small, off road applications. Single-side servicing improves ease of maintenance and lowers overall owner operating costs.

Reliable power

Manufactured in some of the world's most modern and highly-automated production facilities, the Cat® C1.1 is proven to deliver durable power and offers a wide range of customization options that refuse to compromise quality and durablity.

Compact size

With a 18.4 kW (24 hp) power rating, the C1.1 and the C1.1 turbo allows OEMs to consider different installation, operating and commercial requirements. These models are particularly adapted to machines where power from a small
package is crucial. And for jobs that require that extra bit of power, there's a turbocharged option that delivers in almost any condition, at any altitude.

Quiet work

The stiff block and indirect injection system in the C1.1 were built for quiet so worksites are safer, operators are less
fatigued and noise levels in regulated areas aren't exceeded.

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Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System
  • Inlet manifold with choice of inlets.
Control System
  • Alternator 12 volt 65 amp
  • Starter motor 12 volt
  • Glow plug starting aid
Cooling System
  • Belt-driven coolant pump
  • Coolant temperature switch
Flywheel and Flywheel Housing
  • SAE No. 6 1/2 flywheel
  • Choice of SAE No. 5 or standard backplate flywheel housing
  • U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final: Standard backplate flywheel housing and flatface flywheel
Fuel System
  • Fuel injection pump
  • Spin-on fuel filter
Lube System
  • Low profile oil pan
  • Spin-on lube oil filter
  • Lube oil pressure switch
Power Take Off (PTO)
  • Provision for Power Take Off (PTO)
  • Cast iron, engine block
  • Cast iron exhaust manifold--side outlet
  • Cold start capability to -20° C (-4° F)
  • Paint: Caterpillar yellow, with optional colors available at request

Additional information

Offering Type

Power Rating - Maximum Power

18.4 kW ( 24 HP )

Power Rating - Maximum Torque

86 Nm @ 1600 rpm ( 63 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm )

Power Rating - Rated Speed

2800 rpm

Power Rating - Minimum Power

14.4 kW ( 19.3 HP )

Emission Standards - Emissions

U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V

General - Engine Configuration

In-Line 3

General - Bore

77 mm ( 3 in )

General - Stroke

81 mm ( 3.2 in )

General - Displacement

1.13 l ( 69 in³ )

General - Compression Ratio


General - Aspiration

Naturally Aspirated (NA)/Turbocharged (T)

General - Combustion System

Indirect Injection

General - Rotation from Flywheel End


General - Aftertreatment

Engine Dimensions - Approximate - Length

491 mm ( 19.3 in )

Engine Dimensions - Approximate - Width

400 mm ( 15.8 in )

Engine Dimensions - Approximate - Height

576 mm ( 22.7 in )

Engine Dimensions - Approximate - Weight - Net Dry - Basic Operating Engine Without Optional Attachments

96 kg ( 211 lb )

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