D4 Track-Type Tractor

The Cat® D4 dozer combines excellent fuel efficiency with the power and precision to excel in a wide range of jobs. A balanced design and available technologies like Cat Grade with Slope Assist™ and Cat Grade with 3D make it the ideal finish grading tractor.



  • Cat C7.1 engine gives you reliable power and top fuel efficiency.
  • Optimized undercarriage – eight (8) bottom rollers and two (2) carrier rollers for smoother ride and excellent finish grading performance.
  • Wide blade helps get more work done in fewer passes.
  • Traction Control feature reduces track slip in poor underfoot or muddy conditions.
  • Variable Pitch Angle Tilt (VPAT) blade for more versatility, simpler adjustment.
  • Forestry/Agriculture arrangement is factory equipped with specialized guarding and features for working in harsh applications like forestry and land clearing.*

    * Please consult your Cat dealer for regional availability.


  • Intuitive, precise electro-hydraulic controls with sensitivity adjustment.
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) places machine data, settings menus and more conveniently in front of the operator; Display for optional rear vision camera so no additional monitor is needed.
  • Easy maintenance with grouped service and diagnostic points.
  • Convenient ground level access to primary fuel filter/water separator.
  • Easy to transport without blade removal.
  • Foldable blade option.*

    * Please consult your Cat dealer for regional availability.


  • Eco Modes optimize engine rpm while maintaining ground speed, saving up to 18 percent fuel in lighter blade load applications like finish grading.
  • Auto Engine Speed Control reduces engine speed when idling for added fuel savings.
  • Engine Idle Shutdown Timer shuts down machine after specified idle time to help save fuel and meet idling regulations.


  • Hit target grade faster and more accurately with Cat Grade technologies – Finish jobs in fewer passes, and with less operator effort, saving you time and helping to increase your profit.
  • Cat Grade with Slope Assist™ automatically maintains pre-established blade position without a GPS signal.
  • Updated Cat Grade with 3D offers greater speed, accuracy and flexibility. Factory-integrated system eliminates position sensing cylinders. Antennas integrated into the cab roof for better protection. More intuitive 10-inch (254 mm) touchscreen display is easier to use.
  • AutoCarry™ automates blade lift to maximize blade load, improve load consistency, reduce track slip.
  • Cat Stable Blade works with electro-hydraulic controls to complement the operator’s blade-control input to get better finish grades faster and with less effort.
  • Standard Slope Indicate displays machine cross-slope and fore/aft orientation right on the main display.
  • Factory Attachment Ready Option (ARO) simplifies installation of all brands of grade control system.
  • All Cat Grade systems are compatible with radios and base stations from Trimble, Topcon, and Leica.
  • Already invested in a grade infrastructure? You can install grade systems from Trimble, Topcon, and Leica onto the machine.
  • Product Link™ collects machine data that can be viewed online through web and mobile applications.
  • Access information anytime, anywhere with VisionLink® and use it to make informed decisions that boost productivity, lower costs, simplify maintenance, and improve security on your job site.


  • Long service intervals and easy maintenance keep the machine up and running to help lower your owning and operating costs.
  • Large, hinged door on the engine compartment for easy access to all regular engine maintenance points.
  • Grouped pressure taps for quick testing and troubleshooting of the hydraulic system.
  • Lower service panel can be removed without tools providing quick access to inspect engine compartment and filters.
  • Ground level access to hydraulic filters and primary fuel filter/water separator.
  • Improved fuel filtration system.
  • Tool box to keep your tools and grease gun at hand.
  • Optional bracket mounts to rear of machine to keep a shovel handy.
  • Monitoring system with automatic checks at start up.
  • Robust and convenient modular design.


  • Equip your dozer from the factory with added protection to work in harsh applications like agriculture, forestry and land clearing.
  • Specialized guarding on the undercarriage, lift cylinders, fuel tank, winch, radiator grill and crank case.
  • Heavy duty cab and overhead sweeps.
  • LED lights for added visibility.
  • Hydraulic demand fan adapts to engine heat load and reverses to help prevent plugging.
  • Turbine air precleaner with screen to help improve filter life in high debris situations.

Standard Equipment

  • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.
Power Train
  • Cat C7.1 engine, turbocharged - meets Brazil MAR-1 and China Nonroad Stage III emissions standards, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA
  • Air To Air Aftercooler (ATAAC)
  • Hydraulically driven, variable speed fan
  • Auto engine speed control
  • Aluminum bar plate cooling system (radiator, power train, aftercooler)
  • Glow plug starting aid
  • Programmable/selectable bi-directional shifting
  • Air cleaner with integrated precleaner, dust ejector and under hood air intake
  • Dual path, electronic control, closed loop hydrostatic separator
  • Engine idle shutdown
Operator Environment
  • Standard Cab Package
  • Seat, air suspended, cloth for cab
  • Seat belt, retractable 76 mm (3 in)
  • Color graphic 17.8 cm (7 in) display with gauge for: engine coolant temperature hydraulic oil temperature, fuel level
  • Travel speed limiter, electronic
  • Hour meter, electronic
  • Engine air cleaner service indicator, electronic
  • Water-in-fuel indicator, electronic
  • Throttle switch, rotary
  • Eco Mode
  • Controls, seat mounted, fore/aft adjustment
  • Armrests, adjustable
  • Single pedal combining deceleration and braking functions
  • Independent forward/reverse speed settings
  • Power port, 12V
  • Intermittent wiper
  • 12V radio ready (plug and play)
Technology Products
  • Product Link ready
  • Compatibility with radios and base stations from Trimble, Topcon, and Leica
  • Capability to install 3D grade systems from Trimble, Topcon, and Leica
  • Heavy duty undercarriage with 8 bottom rollers/2 carrier rollers
  • Replaceable sprocket rim segments
  • Hydraulic track adjusters
  • 24V electric starter
  • 12V converter, 10A
  • Back-up alarm
  • Integrated lights (four front, two rear)
  • 100A alternator (24 volt)
  • Horn
  • Diagnostic connector
  • Batteries, heavy duty, maintenance-free, 900 CCA
  • Load sensing hydraulics
  • Three-valve hydraulics
  • Antifreeze coolant (-37 degrees Celsius/-34.6 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Extended life coolant
  • Hinged radiator louvered grill
  • Swing-out radiator fan
  • Ecology drains (engine, power train and implement oil, engine coolant)
  • Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) ports (engine, power train, implement oil)
Other Standard Equipment
  • Implement cylinders with position sensors
  • C-frame, variable pitch link, hydraulic cylinder and lines
  • Engine enclosures
  • Front pull device
  • Rigid drawbar
  • Vandalism protection
  • Heavy duty crankcase guard

Additional information

Offering Type

Engine Model

Cat C7.1

Engine - Power - Net

97 kW ( 130 HP )

Engine - Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249

97 kW ( 130 HP )

Engine - Net Power - 2,200 rpm - SAE J1349

95 kW ( 128 HP )

Engine - Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249 (DIN)

132 mhp ( 132 mhp )

Engine - Emissions

Brazil MAR-1 and China Nonroad Stage III, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA

Engine - Build Number


Engine - Note

Net power available at the flywheel when the engine is equipped with fan, air cleaner, and alternator with engine speed at 2,200 rpm. Advertised power is tested per the specified standard in effect at the time of manufacture.

Weights - Operating Weight

13500 kg ( 29800 lb )

Transmission - Power Train


Service Refill Capacities - Fuel Tank

260 l ( 69 gal (US) )

VPAT - Operating Weight

13500 kg ( 29800 lb )

VPAT - Ground Pressure

40 kPa ( 6 psi )

VPAT - Blade Capacity

3.3 m³ ( 4.3 yd³ )

LGP VPAT - Operating Weight

14350 kg ( 31600 lb )

LGP VPAT - Ground Pressure

31 kPa ( 4.5 psi )

LGP VPAT - Blade Capacity

3.8 m³ ( 4.9 yd³ )

Weights - Note

Weights with Cat Abrasion track

Blades - Width - VPAT

3196 mm ( 10.5 ft )

Blades - Width - VPAT LGP

3684 mm ( 12 ft )

Blades - VPAT/Foldable VPAT Blade: Capacity* - Note

*ISO 9246

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