RM500 Road Reclaimer

The Cat RM500 features simple operation, a robust rotor drive system and a versatile design that make this durable industry workhorse an exceptional value. High production and excellent material quality go hand-in-hand with low operating and maintenance costs. Rotor and spray system options provide the ability to adapt to a wide range of full-depth reclamation and soil stabilization applications.


Reliable, Efficient Operation


  • A Cat® C15 engine meets Brazil MAR-1 emission standards, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA standards

  • Variable speed cooling fan operates at the lowest speed for optimal cooling

  • Maximize traction with standard, electronically controlled All-Wheel Drive featuring four independent pumps and drive motors to propel in the most extreme conditions

  • Four steering modes provide jobsite maneuverability: Front wheels only, rear wheels only, crab steering, and coordinated steering

Operator Comfort and Visibility to Enhance Performance


  • Sight lines are optimized with the full left-to-right sliding cab, allowing the operator to work comfortably from either side of machine

  • A heated, 180º positioning suspension seat with fore and aft adjustment increases operator comfort and visibility

  • Cab comes standard with heating and air conditioning for a comfortable work environment

  • Good visibility to rotor housing and discharged material

  • Performance and safety can be augmented with cameras that are viewed on a large, in-cab display

  1. Fore and aft visibility is enhanced with front and rear mounted cameras

  3. Gradation results can be viewed through the camera mounted above the rear mixing chamber door

Easy To Use


  • Intuitive, easy to learn and operate

  • Controls are ergonomically located and grouped by function for quick and easy access

  • Precise machine control is delivered through hand-wheel steering

  • Touch screen display provides clear instrumentation and controls

Durable Rotor Drive System


  • High-strength rotor drive chains

  • Cat Powershift automatic transmission

  • Heavy-duty shear disk or optional torque limiter protects the rotor driveline

Superior Mix Quality


  • Work efficiently on a variety of reclamation and stabilization projects with three rotor options: Universal, Combination and Soil

  • Manage gradation for a wide variety of materials and applications with three selectable rotor speeds

  • Advanced electronic controls with automatic load control deliver ideal mix quality by keeping the machine at an optimized speed for production efficiency

  • Return-to-cut feature helps operators save time and maintain consistency with the simple tap of a button

  • Floating variable volume mixing chamber allows the operator to control material size and gradation

Optional Spray Systems Perform with Accuracy


  • Water and emulsion additive systems for a variety of job site applications

  • Application rate of additives is accurately monitored through a computerized metering system to ensure mix design specifications are met

  • Ultra Low-flow Water Spray System available (for water use only– not for use with emulsions)

  • Both Water and Emulsion Spray Systems can be installed to allow simultaneous or individual system operation

  • A wide range of variable flow rates can be optimized for a variety of applications:

  1. Water flow rates from 114-1136 liters per minute (30-300 gallons per minute)

  3.  Ultra-low water flow rates from 60-600 liters per minute (16-160 gallons per minute)

  5. Emulsion flow rates from 114-946 liters per minute (30-250 gallons per minute)

  • Easily set up the spray systems to deliver liquid additives according to specifications:

  1. Manual or automatic

  3.  Volume per minute

  5. Volume per m2 (yd2)

  7.  Percent of material density

Easy Service


  • Safely access routine maintenance items from ground level

  • Auto-reversing cooling fan helps prevent debris build-up extending maintenance intervals for cleaning the cooling package

  • Rotor drive system utilizes automated bearing lubrication

  • Self-lubricating rotor chain drive is adjustment-free and eliminates routine maintenance

  • A service door on each side of the rotor chamber provides easy access to inspect or change endring bits without having to reach inside the rotor chamber to service

  • Easy access to hydraulic components

  • Monitor fluid conditions with regular sampling to help extend change intervals up to 500 hours engine oil, 6000 hours hydraulic oil and 12000 hours coolant

  • Electrical system wiring is color-coded and numbered for easy identification and wrapped in a protective, abrasion-resistant nylon braid for longer life

  • Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) monitor machine systems to alert the operator of performance issues and can be paired with Product Link to track location, machine hours, fuel usage, and idle time

  • VisionLink® is a cloud-based software application that seamlessly provides data to your desktop or mobile device, taking the guesswork out of fleet management with key insights to maximize performance – regardless of fleet size or equipment manufacturer.

  • Convenient parts availability and dealer locations



  • The Cat C15 engine meets Brazil MAR-1 emission standards, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA standards.

  • Cat engines meeting Brazil MAR-1 emission standards, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA standards, are compatible with diesel fuel blended with the following lower-carbon intensity fuels* up to: 20% biodiesel FAME (fatty acid methyl ester) or 100% renewable diesel, HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) and GTL (gas-to-liquid) fuels. Refer to guidelines for successful application. Please consult your Cat dealer or “Caterpillar Machine Fluids Recommendations” (SEBU6250) for details.

  • Automatic Load Control helps you save fuel and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by automatically matching propel speed to engine load for maximum production at peak efficiency

  • Electronically controlled All-Wheel Drive with Traction Control maintains consistent traction to increase machine efficiency, helps reduce fuel burn and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Performance and safety can be augmented with cameras that are viewed on a large, in-cab display

  • Extended maintenance intervals not only reduce downtime but decrease the amount of fluid and filters that are replaced over the life of the machine

  • Cat Scheduled Oil Sampling (S•O•S℠) Services helps reveal excessive wear, contaminated fluids or other “unseen” issues that can shorten component life. In many cases, you can extend oil and coolant change intervals by using fluid monitoring. Consult your Cat dealer or the machine's operation and maintenance manual for more information.

  • The engine, hydraulic system and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank (if required) are equipped with ecology drains for easy servicing and to help prevent spillage

  • Don't waste fuel idling. Cat VisionLink online fleet monitoring helps you manage idle time and reduce fuel burn and greenhouse gas emissions

  • VisionLink displays the CO2 emissions for monitored assets, calculated by fuel type for the Runtime Fuel Burned each day in a selected date range 

Standard Equipment

  • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Heated suspension seat
  • 180° rotating operating station
  • Audio-ready with speakers
  • Full width sliding cab with heat and air conditioning
  • Access ladder, right and left side
  • High visibility retractable seat belt
  • Mini-wheel steering control
  • Multifunction propel lever
  • Steering guides
  • LCD touch screen operator interface
  • Air to Air Aftercooler (ATAAC)
  • Dual element air cleaner with pre-cleaner
  • Extended life coolant with protection to -37 degrees C (-35 degrees F)
  • On-demand fan with auto-reversing function
  • Four steering modes
  • All-Wheel Drive
  • Electronic differential
  • Oil-bath brake system
  • Powertrain guard
  • 150 amp alternator
  • 24-volt charging system
  • Automotive-type fuse system
  • Remote start/charge receptacle
  • Two 1365 CCA maintenance-free batteries
  • Maintenance-free drive shafts
  • Self-lubricating roller chain and bearings
  • Shear disk driveline protection
  • Automatic Return-to-cut
  • Powershift 3-speed transmission
  • Three rotor speeds
  • Variable volume mixing chamber
  • Grouped filters with ground level access
  • Cat Product Link™ - Cellular
  • Remote access drains
  • Ports for Scheduled Oil Sampling (S·O·S℠)
  • Fluid level sight gauges
  • Toolbox
  • Back-up alarm
  • Remote cameras (front, rear and rear rotor chamber door)
  • Ground level emergency shutdown switch
  • Horn (front and rear)
  • ROPS
  • Platform handrails and guardrails
  • Mirrors
  • Halogen working lights

Additional information

Offering Type

Engine - Gross Power

406 kW ( 544.4 HP )

Engine Power

401 kW ( 537.7 HP )

Engine Model

Cat® C15

Engine - Emissions

Brazil MAR-1, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA

Engine - Build Number


Weights - Maximum Operating Weight

29372 kg ( 64753 lb )

Weights - Note (1)

Maximum weight includes base machine, all options, ROPS, cab, coolant, lubricants, Universal 16 rotor, full fuel tank,full water tank and 75 kg (165 lb) operator.

Weights - Operating Weight

26378 kg ( 58154 lb )

Weights - Note (2)

Operating weight includes base machine, no options, ROPS, cab, coolant, lubricants, Universal 16 rotor, 50% full fuel tank,50% full water tank and 75 kg (165 lb) operator

Operating Specifications - Cutting/Mixing Width

2438 mm ( 96 in )

Operating Specifications - Maximum Cutting/Mixing Depth

508 mm ( 20 in )

Operating Specifications - Note (1)

Maximum cutting/mixing depth varies by rotor.

Operating Specifications - Rotor Options

Universal 16, Universal 18, Combination, Soil (Stabilization)

Operating Specifications - Rotor Drive

3-Speed Chain

Operating Specifications - Rotor Speeds

110 / 152 / 205 rpm

Operating Specifications - Maximum Travel Speed

10.5 km/h ( 6.5 mile/h )

Operating Specifications - Inside Turn Radius

4.33 m ( 14.2 ft )

Dimensions - Length

10.32 m ( 33.83 ft )

Dimensions - Width

2.98 m ( 9.58 ft )

Dimensions - Maximum Height

3.59 m ( 11.78 ft )

Dimensions - Wheel Base

6.55 m ( 21.33 ft )

Dimensions - Ground Clearance

506 mm ( 19.9 in )

Service Refill Capacities - Fuel Tank Capacity

1056 l ( 279 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - Cooling Systems

70 l ( 18.5 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - Engine Oil

52 l ( 13.7 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - Hydraulic Tank

224 l ( 59.2 gal (US) )

Sustainability - Recyclability


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