The AP300 is a small to mid-sized paver with a paving range from 1.75 m to 4.0 m (5.6 – 11.1 ft), making it a perfect fit for urban streets, cycle and walking paths, shoulders, as well as other small and medium job sites. A reduction option reduces the paving width to 700 mm (27 in) for trenches and other narrow applications. Technologically advanced features such as eco-mode, auto-fill, single-touch feeder activation, and automated travel mode make this paver and screed combination extremely productive and versatile for large and small contractors.

High Quality Results, Higher Earnings

  • Standard paving range of 1.75 m - 3.2 m (5' 9" - 11' 2") with a maximum width of 4 m (13' 1") deliver excellent performance for parking lots, urban streets, pathways, trenches, narrow shoulders, and other mid-sized applications
  • An optional paving reduction attachment narrows the paving width to 700 mm (27.5")
  • Heated end gates, variable frequency vibration, and tamper bar settings help provide smooth material flow

Technology That Works for You

  • Exclusive Eco-mode and automatic engine speed control, reduce fuel consumption and lower sound levels for better comfort and communication
  • Auto-fill feeder system simplifies setup by filling the auger chamber to the set point determined by the feed sensors
  • Single touch feeder system activation optimizes efficiency by activating each auger and each conveyor
  • Automated travel feature; augers raise with the screed, preventing damage during transport
  • Single-touch hopper control enables operators to concentrate on other duties

Low Owning and Operating Costs

  • Engine options available to meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V emissions and other regional standards
  • Million cycle switches provide reliability
  • Conveyor bed plates and chain guards designed to minimize labor requirements and provide lower cost replacement
  • Heating elements slide out for easy replacement
  • Machined screed frames simplify screed plate leveling

Unmatched After-The-Sale Support

  • Strategically located dealers with 24/7 support
  • In-the-Iron service training for technicians
  • Paver Operator Training helps maximize machine performance
  • Project consulting helps improve technique and job site management

More Comfort

  • Ventilation system option draws fumes from the auger chamber and redirects them away from the operator for a more comfortable working environment
  • Single sliding console enables operation from either side of the machine
  • Dual independent seats swing out beyond the platform for good visibility to curbs and obstacles
  • Heated seat option delivers comfort in cool weather conditions
  • High visibility 76 mm (3") seat belt helps with crew safety compliance

Easy Viewing Displays, Simple Operation

  • Operating displays can be tailored to specific language requirements with multiple options available
  • Easy access to generator activation, screed temperature control, screed heating zones, tamper and vibratory speeds, and service code information
  • Intuitive symbols and large graphics simplify operation
  • Adjustable brightness control for easy viewing day or night
  • Raised switch design enables easy recognition for better efficiency and performance

Screeds That Deliver Quality

  • SE34 V and SE34 VT screeds deliver excellent ride, density, and mat texture while providing superior adjustment capabilities
  • Basic Grade Control option available

Product Link™ Elite

  • Make timely, fact-based decisions to maximize efficiency, improve productivity, and lower owning and operating costs
  • Easily track location, machine hours, fuel usage, and idle time in real time
  • Diagnostic codes are made available through online web applications
  • Scheduled maintenance and Scheduled Oil Sampling notification

Service and Repair Kits

  • Paver and screed service and repair kits include all the parts necessary to complete specific repairs
  • Cat genuine parts are manufactured to precise specifications and designed for optimal performane and maximum uptime
  • Repair kits are identified by a single part number to make ordering easy
  • Select kits are available to be packaged as a kit by the dealer for over-the-counter purchases or through the dealer service shop

Virtual Tours

Standard Equipment

Operating Environment
  • Single sliding console
  • Steering guide
  • Product Link™ Elite 6412 (cellular)
  • Cat® C3.3B, four-cylinder
  • Cooling fan, variable speed
  • Radial drive Tires
Electrical System
  • 750 CCA battery, maintenance-free
  • 85-amp alternator
  • 12-volt charging system
  • Automotive-type fuse system
  • Cat® Electronic Technician (Cat ET)
Material Delivery
  • Material feed sensors, contact
  • Push-roller, adjustable
Service and Maintenance
  • Hydraulic oil, Cat HYDO™ Advanced
  • Remote access drains
  • Service repair kits
  • Sampling ports for Scheduled Oil Sampling
  • Sight Gauges, engine coolant, hydraulic oil
  • Alarm, back-up
  • Horn, warning (front & rear)
  • Lights, LED Working
  • Mirror package

Additional information

Offering Type

Operating Specifications - Standard Paving Range

1.75 – 3.42 m (5.6' – 11.1')

Engine Model (1)

Cat C3.3B

Engine Power (1)

55 kW ( 73.8 HP )

Weights - Operating Weight - With SE34 VT

8200 kg ( 18078 lb )

Weights - Operating Weight - With SE34 V

8000 kg ( 17637 lb )

Weights - Shipping Weight - Paver Only

6600 kg ( 14550 lb )

Operating Specifications - Maximum Throughput Capacity

406 tonnes/hr ( 447 ton(US)/h )

Operating Specifications - Maximum Travel Speed

16 km/h ( 10 mile/h )

Operating Specifications - Maximum Paving Speed

61 m/min ( 200 ft/min )

Operating Specifications - Maximum Paving Width

4 m ( 13.1 ft )

Operating Specifications - Minimum Paving Width

700 mm ( 27.5 in )

Dimensions - Wheel Base

1950 mm ( 6.45 ft )

Dimensions - Operating Length

5047 mm ( 16.5 ft )

Dimensions - Operating Width

3180 mm ( 10.4 ft )

Dimensions - Operating Height - With Canopy

3415 mm ( 11.2 ft )

Dimensions - Transport Height

2645 mm ( 8.6 ft )

Dimensions - Transport Width

1938 mm ( 6.3 ft )

Dimensions - Transport Length

5029 mm ( 16.4 ft )

Service Refill Capacities - Fuel Tank

110 l ( 29 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - Cooling System (1)

9 l ( 2.4 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - Engine Oil (1)

13.2 l ( 3.5 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - Washdown Spray Tank

28 l ( 6.2 gal (US) )

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