CS20 Vibratory Soil Compactor

The Cat® CS20 Vibratory Soil Compactor features a smooth drum and is ideally suited for granular soil applications or cohesive soil applications with the use of an optional padfoot shell kit. A reliable propel system improves performance and efficiency and compaction technology solutions help you reach target density faster.

Efficient Power


  • Built around a dual pump propel system, two pumps provide separate dedicated flow to the drum drive motor and rear axle motor for exceptional gradeability and traction in forward and reverse.

  • Powered by a Cat® C7.1 engine that meets Brazil MAR-1, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA emission standards.

  • Eco-mode limits engine RPM helping to reduce fuel consumption.

  • Engine Idle Shutdown Timer reduces fuel burn and unnecessary idle time by shutting down the machine after a pre-set idling period.

  • A variable speed cooling fan operates at the lowest possible speed for optimal cooling.

Exceptional Compaction Performance


  • High static linear loads and amplitudes.

  • Exclusive eccentric weight design provides high reliability, smooth performance and low noise.

  • Automatic Speed Control and Auto-vibe functions make it easy to ensure consistent, high-quality compaction.

  • The Variable Frequency option provides a wide range of frequencies to help maximize compaction performance.

  • Increase machine versatility with the addition of an oval or square padfoot shell kit, allowing your smooth drum machine to compact semi-cohesive and cohesive materials.

Safe and Comfortable Work Environment


  • A rear vision camera with large color touchscreen display enhances visibility for more complete operator control and safety.

  • The pivoting seat with integrated multifunction LCD display and control console move with the operator.

  • Outstanding visibility to the front and rear of machine.

  • Low sound levels and vibration for greater operator comfort and productivity.

  • Operators are protected from the elements by a standard equipped sun canopy or optional climate-controlled ROPS/FOPS cab with hinged glass windows.

Enhance Quality and Productivity with Technology


  • Optional Cat Compact technologies help you consistently meet compaction targets faster, more uniformly, and in fewer passes – saving on fuel and reducing rework and material costs. 

  • Exclusive Machine Drive Power (MDP) is an energy-based measurement and can be used on all soil types. 

  • Compaction Meter Value (CMV) is an accelerometer-based measurement for granular soils. 

Virtually Maintenance Free


  • Maintenance-free hitch with sealed-for-life bearings.

  • Ground-level access to the engine compartment and cooling module for easy service and fluid sampling.

  • Monitor fluid conditions with regular sampling to help extend change intervals up to 500 hours engine oil, 3000 hours eccentric housing and hydraulic oil, and 12000 hours coolant.

  • Extended maintenance intervals not only reduce downtime but decrease the amount of fluid and filters that are replaced over the life of the machine.

  • VisionLink® takes the guesswork out of managing your entire fleet–regardless of size or equipment manufacturer*–by providing maintenance needs, machine hours, location, fuel usage, idle time, diagnostic codes, and more through interactive dashboards on your mobile device or desktop, helping you make informed decisions that lower costs, simplify maintenance, and improve safety and security on your jobsite. 

* Data field availability can vary by equipment manufacturer and is provided through an application programming interface (API).



  • The Cat C7.1 meets Brazil MAR-1 emission standards, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA.

  • Cat engines are compatible with diesel fuel blended with the following lower-carbon intensity fuels* up to: 20% biodiesel FAME (fatty acid methyl ester) and 100% renewable diesel, HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) and GTL (gas-to-liquid) fuels. Please consult your Cat dealer or "Caterpillar Machine Fluids Recommendations" (SEBU6250) for details.
        *Tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions from lower-carbon intensity fuels are essentially the same as traditional fuels.

  • A well-trained operator is worth the investment. Skilled operators benefit your bottom line by maximizing productivity, avoiding costly downtime, and maintaining jobsite safety - which can help to improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Extended maintenance intervals not only reduce downtime but can decrease the amount of fluid and filters that are replaced over the life of the machine. Extend change intervals up to 500 hours engine oil, 3000 hours eccentric housing and hydraulic oil, and 12000 hours coolant.

  • Performance and safety can be augmented with standard and optional cameras that are viewed on in-cab displays.

  • Cat Compact technologies help you consistently meet compaction targets faster, more uniformly, and in fewer passes - saving on fuel and reducing rework and material costs.

  • Cat Scheduled Oil Sampling (S•O•S℠) Services helps reveal excessive wear, contaminated fluids or other "unseen" issues that can shorten component life. In many cases, you can extend oil and coolant change intervals by using fluid monitoring. Consult your Cat dealer or the machine's operation and maintenance manual for more information.

Standard Equipment

  • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.
  • Steel Sun Canopy with Handrails, Floor Mat, Vinyl Seat
  • Adjustable Seat with Integrated Console
  • LCD Display with Lockable Vandalism Guard
  • Adjustable Tilting Steering Column with Integrated Cup Holders
  • Rear Vision Camera System with Color Touchscreen Display
  • High Visibility 50 mm (2 in) Seat Belt
  • 12-volt Power Outlet
  • Horn, Backup Alarm
  • Smooth Drum
  • Pod-Style Eccentric Weight Housings
  • Dual Amplitude, Single Frequency
  • Auto-vibe Function
  • Single Adjustable Steel Scraper
  • VisionLink®
  • Cat® C7.1 Engine
  • Air Cleaner, Dual Element
  • Three Speed Throttle Switch including Eco-mode
  • Automatic Speed Control (ASC)
  • Dual Propel Pumps; One for Drum Drive, One for Rear Axle
  • Fuel Filter, Water Separator, Priming Pump, Water Indicator
  • Tilting Radiator / Hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • Dual Braking System
  • Two-Speed Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • 24 volt Electrical System
  • 100 ampere Alternator
  • 750 Cold-cranking Amps Battery Capacity
  • Lockable Engine Enclosure, Hydraulic and Fuel Tanks
  • Sight Gauges for Hydraulic Oil Level and Radiator Coolant Level
  • S·O·S℠ Sampling Values: Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, and Coolant
  • Halogen Working Lights (4)

Additional information

Offering Type

Engine - Gross Power

130.2 kW ( 174.6 HP )

Engine Power - ISO 14396

129 kW ( 173 HP )

Engine - Net Power - ISO 9249

108.5 kW ( 145.5 HP )

Engine - Net Power - SAE J1349

107.2 kW ( 143.8 HP )

Engine - Note (1)

Net power advertised is the power available at the engine flywheel when equipped with a fan at maximum speed, air cleaner, and alternator.

Engine Model

Cat® C7.1

Engine - Emissions

Brazil MAR-1, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA

Engine - Stroke

135 mm ( 5.3 in )

Engine - Bore

105 mm ( 4.1 in )

Weights - Operating Weight - With Cab

20220 kg ( 44577 lb )

Weights - Operating Weight - With Sun Canopy

20220 kg ( 44577 lb )

Weights - Weight - Drum with Cab

13612 kg ( 30009 lb )

Weights - Weight - Drum with Sun Canopy

13612 kg ( 30009 lb )

Weights - Note (1)

Operating weights are approximate and consider full fluids and 80 kg (176 lb) operator. Cab weights include heat and air conditioning.

Vibratory System - Vibratory Frequency - Standard

28 Hz ( 1680 VPM )

Vibratory System - Variable Frequency Option Range

23.3 – 28 Hz (1400-1680 vpm)

Vibratory System - Nominal Amplitude - High

2.1 mm ( 0.083 in )

Vibratory System - Nominal Amplitude - Low

0.98 mm ( 0.039 in )

Vibratory System - Centrifugal Force - Maximum

335 kN ( 75234 lb )

Vibratory System - Centrifugal Force - Minimum

156 kN ( 35163 lb )

Vibratory System - Static Linear Load - With Cab

63.8 kg/cm ( 357.2 lb/in )

Vibratory System - Static Linear Load - With Sun Canopy

63.8 kg/cm ( 357.2 lb/in )

Dimensions - Compaction Width

2134 mm ( 84 in )

Dimensions - Overall Length

6.1 m ( 20.1 ft )

Dimensions - Overall Width

2.5 m ( 8.1 ft )

Dimensions - Maximum Height

3.1 m ( 10.2 ft )

Dimensions - Drum Diameter

1534 mm ( 60.4 in )

Dimensions - Wheel Base

2.9 m ( 9.5 ft )

Operating Specifications - Ground Clearance

427 mm ( 16.8 in )

Operating Specifications - Curb Clearance

535 mm ( 21.1 in )

Operating Specifications - Turning Radius - Inside Drum Edge

3.7 m ( 12.1 ft )

Operating Specifications - Travel Speed - Maximum

11.4 km/h ( 7.1 mile/h )

Service Refill Capacities - Fuel Tank Capacity

332 l ( 87.7 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - Cooling System

28.3 l ( 7.5 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - Engine Oil - With Filter

17.4 l ( 4.6 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - Eccentric Weight Housings (combined)

26 l ( 6.9 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - Axle and Final Drives

24 l ( 6.3 gal (US) )

Service Refill Capacities - Hydraulic Tank

50 l ( 13.2 gal (US) )

Sustainability - Recyclability


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