1.6 m3 (2.0 yd3), ISO Coupler, Bolt-On Cutting Edge

1.6 m3 (2.0 yd3) ISO Coupler Light Material Bucket With Bolt-On Cutting Edge

High capacity increases productivity in handling light materials.

Curved Side Plates

Designed to improve material retention when truck loading or working on rough, uneven ground.

Flat Upper Torque Tube

Flat upper torque tube is parallel to cutting edge for better ground reference (which aligns with all other Cat loader buckets). This reduces the cutting edge wear and improves grading capabilities. Edge angle and placement can be easier to gauge from within the cab.

Rugged Design

Upper and lower torque tubes and thick side walls provide added strength and increased durability in aggressive applications.

Ground Engaging Tool Options

Buckets are available with bolt-on cutting edges.

Additional information

Offering Type


2080 mm ( 81.9 in )


521 kg ( 1148.6 lb )


1012 mm ( 39.8 in )


1185 mm ( 46.7 in )


1.55 m³ ( 2 yd³ )

Base Edge Thickness

20 mm ( 0.8 in )

Cutting Edge Thickness

16 mm ( 0.6 in )

Interface Type

Horizontal Pin Lock (L35)

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