D11/D11 CD

D11 Dozer

The Cat ® D11 Dozer delivers higher productivity at lower cost — for a reduction of up to 6% in overall cost per bank cubic meter compared to the previous model. Infused with performance-enhancing features, the D11 helps you improve the efficiency of your dozing operation. The torque divider with stator clutch automatically frees up the stator when torque is not required, delivering higher drivetrain efficiency for reduced fuel consumption. High-horsepower reverse speeds up non-productive traveling to reduce cycle time, while load-sensing hydraulics deliver more power to the dozer, increasing responsiveness and boosting fuel efficiency. Advanced technologies are completely integrated into the dozer, creating smart machines and more informed operators to maximize the productivity of your operation.


  • The torque divider with stator clutch automatically frees up the stator when torque is not required, delivering higher drivetrain efficiency for reduced fuel consumption.
  • High-horsepower reverse speeds up non-productive traveling for faster cycle times and up to 8% higher productivity.
  • The high-efficiency load-sensing hydraulic system improves hydraulic implement response and fuel efficiency.
  • The in-cab multifunction touchscreen display is the operator’s gateway to monitoring machine performance and a convenient way to modify machine parameters to tailor performance to the current task.


  • The cab is unparalleled, with enhanced ergonomics, a fully adjustable air suspension seat, and controls that are easy to access and operate.
  • The suspended undercarriage absorbs impact and reduces the shock loads transferred to the undercarriage by up to 50% — resulting in a smoother, more comfortable ride.
  • Low-effort electronic steering, ripper and dozer controls are easily accessible and provide sure, precise maneuvering.
  • The standard isolation-mounted cab reduces noise and vibration, and conveniently located air circulation vents evenly distribute airflow for maximum comfort.


  • The operator station offers exceptional visibility, with strategically located mirrors, clean line of sight to front and rear work areas, plus an optional 360 vision system for a bird’s-eye view.
  • The powered access ladder improves access and egress and has been updated with engine-off raise and lower capability. The cab door swing option allows left- or right-side opening.
  • Access lighting can be controlled from the cab or the ground-level electrical center. Delayed egress lighting allows exiting the machine with lighting.


  • Automated Blade Assist (ABA) comes standard with the dual-tilt feature, automating the movement of the blade to several key preset pitch positions.
  • AutoCarry™ (optional) provides automatic blade control during the carry segment, helping to keep slip at the optimum level for best performance — increasing productivity up to 15%.
  • Automatic Ripper Control (optional) automatically adjusts the engine speed and ripper depth to minimize track slip, reducing operator fatigue and decreasing wear and tear on the machine.
  • Cat Grade with 3D provides precise positioning of the cutting edge, eliminating the need for masts and cables on the blade. The system also reduces the need for grade staking and grade checking.


  • The D11 comes out of the factory ready to integrate Cat MineStar™ technology, which takes accuracy, efficiency and safety even further.
  • MineStar Command for dozing offers multiple levels of remote control and even semiautonomous operation, helping increase operator safety and comfort—as well as the productivity of the dozer fleet.
  • MineStar Terrain’s Automatic Blade Control feature provides full automatics, full blade load and overcut protection integrated into the machine control system.
  • MineStar Terrain for grading monitors ore bodies, bench heights, cycle times and volume of material cut and filled. Inputs from the office tell operators where to dig or cut, how much material to move, when they’ve moved enough and even if they’ve moved too much.


  • The AutoLube system, with ground-level fill and automatic shut-off capability, reduces daily maintenance.
  • Grouped maintenance points minimize movement around the machine, and ground-level access enables easier service for fluids and key electrical controls.
  • A 30% larger oil sump capacity extends 500-hour planned maintenance intervals and single-cooling system is easier to clean.
  • Redesigned pin joints eliminate the need for line boring and simplify replacement of the bearing inserts on the blade ripper and push-arm trunnions.
  • Continuous fluid monitoring on all compartments, including direct fluid monitoring of the hydraulic tank and pivot shaft reservoir, improves service life.


  • Cat blades offer superior loadability and are aggressive in tough materials. The D11 features a 29.3° interior angle between the back bottom of the blade and the ground. This clearance angle allows the blade to better penetrate and load.
  • Cat blades have the ability to resist torsional bending and distortion and offer increased wear resistance without sacrificing machine balance or performance.
  • Specialty blades include high-capacity blades for light materials, including coal blades and reclamation blades.
  • Specialty attachments include multi-shank leach pad ripper, and multi-shank coal ripper (five shank), counterweight and rear drawbar with counterweight.


  • The D11 is built to go the distance, with a redesigned case and frame for longer life, a larger equalizer bar with improved bearing, robust track roller frame, ripper and blade pin bores with replaceable bearings and replaceable push-arm trunnion bearing inserts.
  • The robust variable piston pumps for the new load-sensing hydraulic system run cooler for longer component and seal life.
  • Powertrain and main components are built to be rebuilt for a cost-effective second life of like-new performance at a fraction-of-new price.


  • The D11 is designed to use less fuel, which reduces engine emissions.
  • The Tier 4 Final engine reduces NOx and particulate matter, plus the engine is compatible with diesel fuel blended with lower-carbon intensity fuels such as biofuels and renewable fuels.
  • Features like extended life filters and longer maintenance intervals decrease the amount of waste contributed to the environment.
  • By rebuilding machines and components, the Cat Rebuild and Cat Reman programs preserve raw materials, conserve energy and reduce emissions. In addition, retrofits and upgrades for older machines incorporate efficiency improvements and emission reductions, and keep them in production longer to conserve energy and minimize the need for raw materials.
  • Increased commonality of systems and components, plus a reduction in unique part numbers, reduces waste and lowers owning and operating costs.

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Standard Equipment

  • ROPS/FOPS, Sound-Suppressed Cab
  • High-Definition Primary Touchscreen Display
  • Visibility – Rearview Mirrors
  • Air Conditioner and Heater with Automatic Climate Control
  • Seat – Cloth with Air suspension
  • Cab Glass – Single-Pane Tinted Safety
  • Cab Access – Blade Push Arm Steps and Grab Handle
  • VIMS
  • Automated Blade Assist (ABA)
  • Cat Product Link™ Elite (cellular)
  • Cat C32 Engine – U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final or Tier 2 Equivalent
  • High-Performance Single-Plane Cooling Module
  • Stator Clutch Torque Divider – Electronic Control
  • Powershift Transmission – Three-Speed Electronic Shift
  • Suspension Type Undercarriage
  • Sleeve Bearing Track
  • Lifetime-Lubricated Rollers and Idlers
  • Track Shoe (ES): 710 mm (28 in) Width
  • Electronically Controlled, Load-Sensing Dozer Lift and Tilt
  • Electronically Controlled, Load-Sensing Ripper Lift and Pitch
  • Dozer Blade – Dual Tilt
  • Electronically Enabled Blade – Quick Drop
  • 24V Electric Start, Dual Starters
  • Batteries – 4 × 4,200-Amp Hour, 12V
  • Battery Isolation
  • Lights – Halogen – 13 Positions
  • Ecology Fluid Drains – All Compartments
  • Hinged Bottom Guards
  • High-Speed Oil Change – Engine and Transmission
  • Ground-Level Fast Fuel Fill
  • Ground-Level Electrical Service Station
  • S·O·SSM Fluid Sampling Ports
  • Diagnostic Connector
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